Once Dead (Feat. Members of Vengeance Rising) Has Returned, to Enter the Studio Next Month


The legendary thrash band Vengeance Rising made an attempted comeback once again this year, at Sacrivox Music Fest. (formerly SoCal Metal Fest), with the original lineup alongside Jim Settle of Hand of Fire. And now, continuing on the legacy of years past, Once Dead has returned as well. The band formed in 2004, however went on a hiatus of sorts in 2008, releasing “Visions of Hell” the same year.

The band, now consisting of Settle, Doug Thieme, Larry Farkas, Roger Dale Martin and Roger Sampson (Precious Blood), is set to enter the studio in October this year. Glen Mancaruso originally appeared to be a part of it, however with Sampson‘s induction, Mancaruso is clearly no longer involved with the band.

Once Dead – “Return With A Vengeance” (DVD, 2005) [review in Dutch]

Source: The Metal Onslaught 

Video (audio) for ‘Devotion’

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