‘Obsession’ Announces New Bassist ‘Jeff Curtiss’


obsessionnewbassist2014_638American metallers Obsession have announced the addition of bassist Jeff Curtiss to the group’s ranks. The band states: “Jeff exploded onto the metal scene only recently [and is] a fantastic thundering talent on the bass. You may know him from the band Symphony of Malice, where he made his debut. He is now the ultimate low end in Obsession! We are excited to have him on board!”

Obsession‘s latest album, Order Of Chaos, was released in October 2012 through Inner Wound Recordings. The CD was made available in Japan through Spiritual Beast.

In an interview, Obsession singer Michael Vescera — who has also spent time in Animetal USA, Yngwie Malmsteen and Loudness — described “Order of Chaos” as “a cross between ‘Carnival Of Lies’ [2006] and the early Obsession stuff.” He added, “I think it’s geared more towards the older sound, the straight-tforward metal like the ‘Marshall Law’ album [1984], but you can hear some of the ‘Carnival’ sound in there, too.”

The Japanese edition of the album features the exclusive bonus track “The Damned”.

“Carnival of Lies” was re-released through Mausoleum Records on February 12, 2008. This reissue featured new artwork and the bonus tracks ‘Panic In The Streets’ [previously only available on the Avalon release in Japan] and ‘Judas’. The album’s title track featured Swedish guitar sensation Robert Marcello [Danger Danger, Ironhorse] and Boston based neo-classical shred-god Joe Stump [Reign Of Terror].

Obsession gained success in the late ’80s with the release of a four-song EP, 1984’s Marshall Law” [Metal Blade Records], two LPs [1986’s “Scarred For Life” and 1987’s “Methods Of Madness”, both for Enigma/Capitol Records], and an MTV “Headbanger’s Ball”-aired video for ‘For the Love of Money’, from “Methods of Madness”.

Current line-up:
Michael Vescera – Vocals
John Bruno – Guitar
Scott Boland – Guitar
Jeff Curtiss – Bass
BJ Zampa – Drums

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Teaser clip for Order of Chaos:

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