‘Nyves’ ‘Something Divine’ Lyric Video Released


NYVES_-_2014Nyves, the electronic project featuring Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark and ex-Project 86 guitarist/keyboardist, etc. Randy Torres, have released a lyric video for their song ‘Something Divine’. They managed to crowdfund $82,702 for their upcoming debut, “Anxiety“, which wil be released on June 23rd. through Spartan Records. The video can be seen below.

Demon Hunter and Project 86 have never been strangers to electronic components. Both bands have explored these elements in the details of the songs. Nyves essentially puts a microscope to these elements, using them as a foundation, and adding familiar sounds like gritty, distorted guitars and real drums. The outcome could be described as a fitting extension of any of our other musical endeavors — just with an emphasis on these electronic details.

Lyric Video: ‘Something Divine’

Video below: ‘Return’

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