Numbered With The Transgressors – “Commencing the Mechanics of Dismemberment” (EP)


Numbered EPSimple inspection of the album cover should provide some clue as to what one can expect on this ep.  The unreadable band logo and the ominous sounding title that contains words like “dismemberment” alert the listener that this is likely death/grind metal or some combination of the two and the sounds contained inside fully support that.

Based on the limited information I can find, Numbered with the Transgressors is a solo project of ZackPlunkett.  For those, like myself, who think that name sounds familiar, Zack has also been involved in the equally brutal band Abated Mass of Flesh (Rottweiler Records) as well as Cadaverous Conspiracy, Dysfunctional Rotout, and Widow and the Son.  I will say that the sound for this solo project far exceeds many of the ones I’ve heard over the years.

Very simply, this ep is brutal.  There is likely not one decipherable word in the “vocals” and that is not a judgement one way or the other, it is a simple statement of fact.  In fact, those not accustomed to these types of vocals will likely struggle to even identify them at all.

The album opens with some ominous atmospheric keyboards that have a brutal guitar riff chiming in and then abruptly the keyboards stop and the guitar takes over.  The guitars are heavy, driving and pummeling somehow hitting even harder than the drums at the beginning.  “Commencing the Mechanics of Dismemberment” alternates between the plodding, pummeling riffs and faster sections.

“Murderous Initiation” picks up the pace compared to the title track but is no less impactful.  “On the Autopsy Table” has rapid fire drums and guitar riffs opening up the track before settling into the almost marching like cadence characteristic of the songs on the album.

Commencing the Mechanics of Dismemberment is very simply a heavy, grinding, brutal ep that pummels the listener from start to finish.  No breaks, no lessening of intensity, there are no breaks here.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by John Jackson

1. Commencing the Mechanics of Dismemberment
2. Murderous Initiation
3. On the Autopsy Table
4. Beneath the Shovel Load
5. Left for Dead

Band Members
Zack Plunkett – all music and vocals

Record Label: Sky Burns Black Records, March 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: “Commencing the Mechanics of Dismemberment” (full ep with lyrics)

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