Nosral Recordings Sampler #1, Available as a Free Download


Looking for some new metal? Download the Nosral Recordings Sampler now, available for streaming or downloading from Noisetrade.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Beckoning – Desolate Sanctuary
2. Children of Wrath – No Flesh Spared
3. Symphony of Heaven – Stratagem
4. Outrage AD – Unreal Trip
5. Katharos – Warrior
6. Ascending King – Eternal Extinction of Apollyon
7. Nuclear Blaze – The Lamp of the Body

Nosral Recordings is a new lo-fi Christian extreme metal label launched in May 2017 by Michael John Larson. He played guitar for Frost Like Ashes and sang for World Funeral before he was a Christian. It’s always been his dream to form a label.

We love Jesus and metal music.

Currently we are looking for active bands and projects to release. Please send all submissions to Nosral Recordings will maintain it’s autonomy, but will be under the wing of Rottweiler Records as well.

Please go give the Nosral Recordings Facebook page a like and/or follow them on Twitter.

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