Norwegian Black Metal Band Flukt to Release First Full-Length Album, Listen to ‘No Return’


Flukt from Norway is releasing their first full-length of epic oldschool black metal at the end of the month via Dusktone! You can pre-order CD + VINYL at a reduced price for another week here at Nordic Mission.

Flukt is a raw oldschool Black Metal band hailing from Vennesla, Norway. The band was launched during the fall of 2014 but from the dark mood and the aggression in the music, every metalhead will get a flashback to the good old days of Norwegian Black Metal in the 90s.

Their debut Ep “Holocaust” was released through SkyBurnsBlack Records in the winter of 2015. Late november 2017 the seven inch vinyl single ‘Fortapelse’ was released by Nordic Mission Productions.

Flukt has performed several live shows in Norway and Sweden. Like on the legendary Inferno Metal festival in Oslo, NordicFest and at the John Dee club.

Flukt perform harsh and cold Norwegian Black Metal. The music has clear reference to the oldschool Black Metal sound made infamous by the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the early 90s. The music is aggressive and have a violent drive where the main focus is to create atmosphere. The unique thing with Flukt is the way dynamics is approached. Even when the music is fast, and harsh. Flukt is never afraid to mellow things down in slower passages and more groove oriented songs.


1.Serpent 04:29
2. No return 04:15
3. Wounds 03:26
4. Einsatz 04:07
5. Azrael 02:07
6. Trolldom i mørket 03:48
7. Curse of the Nephilim 04:25
8. Trespass the Devil’s playground 07:53

Video (audio) for ‘No Return’

Band Members:
A.Ø aka NekroFjells – Bass, Vocals, Guitars
F.H – Drums, Vocals
O.K.F – Guitars
S.E – Bass

Upcoming shows:
Jan 17 – Vaterland, Oslo, Noorwegen

Weblinks: Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

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