Nordicfest 2020 – ‘Not Yielding To Covid-19’ Edition, Tickets Available


It is time to gather the family again. Dark, heavy and brutal music in Oslo this autumn. Nordic Fest 2020 is happening the 13th and 14th of November 2020. Performing bands will be: Pantokrator, Flukt, Leonov, Dalit, Melech & Cloth – mark your calendars and order your tickets now!

The organizers comments: We want to invite you all do this VERY special festival! The 6 bands on the flyer will play and there are 2 ways to participate to the festival. We have a quite small venue, as you probably know, so only 40, YES 40 festival VIP, physical visitors can be there! The tickets are up for sale at 15.00 TODAY! (3.00 PM). The other way to “be there” is to watch it online since we are in the stages of finalize the MULTI-CAMERA streaming of the event. More information on this later on.

Well, Not Yelding to the Covid19, is the statement this year. True Holy UnSick Metalfestival is another… Sorry, I just had to go there. Anyway, we hope and pray that this year and this festival will turn into something POSITIVE and that via the streaming and the supporters who will come in person (you can look upon yourself as a Nordicfest sponsor!), we will gather and grow in a way we wouldn’t even dream of!

We understand, are fully aware of the travellingsituation, and that you might not be able to go to our country in November. We have the decided that unused and purchased tickets for 2020 will be valid for 2021 if you are NOT ALLOVED to enter Norway or leave your own country,

Thanks for all the support and be blessed!


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