Noiz – Heretic Confessions


Noiz is a band from the Ukraine, a country where we don’t hear a lot of bands coming from. Let’s check them out!

A group of 5 teens started in 2003 making extreme music and the called themselves “Noiz”. Out of the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, close to the Russian border. In 2009 they released their first EP named ”Heretic Confession”.

The album contains 6 songs with a total playing time of 15 minutes.

It starts with a little intro and then the first song kicks off. Musically its deathcore/melidychardcore. A nice paste with a quick drummer and alternating death and screaming vocals. It continues with ‘Heretic Confessions’ with a lot of different vocals styles. Funny and not bad at all.  Makes the song interesting to listen to: you never know what’s coming next.  ‘Earth is Blazing’  has a bit more a heavy sound with mostly screaming vocals alternated with some “clean” vocals. It’s a bit lingering melodic. ’Beauty for Ashed’  kicks of really nice. The Outro is a musically closing of the album, a bit odd, but surprising.

Generally not a bad start for a first EP. ‘Noiz’ is surprising, not boring, with quickly changing music where a lot happens. Improvements could be made on the recording, which sounds a bit soso. If they continue playing and manage to improve themselves, a new album should be warmly welcomed.

Rating: 7/10

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1. Intro
2. A Flag of Hope
3. Heretic Confession
4. Earth is Blazing
5. Beauty for Ashes
6. No More Death Neither Sorrow (Outro)


Kiril Stegnij – Guitars/backs
Denis Kurdjumov ‘Karden’ – vocals
Oleg Evanov – Drums/backs
Sergey Hohlov ‘Hohol’ – Bass/backs

Label: Line Of Truth Distributions, 2010

Reviewed by: Arjan Tijhof

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