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NoPossessionBlues_coverThere has been some great music recently that I have reviewed that has firstly, A) come out of Sweden, and, B) from the Doolittle group AB. Here again is another example of that label where the band in question delivers high quality musicianship that is both innovative and powerful. No Possession Blues was formed in 2009 out of Vaggeryd, Sweden, and its key focus is live performances and writing their own brand of blues rock that is infused with rockabilly that fundamentally aims to entertain past the commercial arena.

Lead guitar work is handled by the talented Micko Ylinikka, who has a long history of music creation, that is embedded through his love for The Rolling Stones. Danne Pettersson takes care of the lead vocals, harmonica and rhythm guitar. He comes from the Swedish folk music scene, but his matured into an energetic entertainer whose stage persona has become big and bold. The recordings of the songs capture that energy marvellously, able to extend the imagination of a real ‘live’ performance taking place right where the music is playing. Also making up this energetic team is Mikko Karppinen , keeping the drive of the band energy filled on his drums. Mikko had never played in a band before No Possession Blues but he is competent and confident, holding the rhythm section down like a champion with his influential styles. Fourth and last band member: Mattias Vestlund plays the bass guitar and additional vocals. His bouncy bass riffs are crazy addictive and captures the energy and life of the genre like a well fitted glove. He might be the youngest of the crew, but that does not disqualify his skill against the rest of the band.. He also growls as frontman of metal outfit Dethrone in his spare time.

In the three years that have been playing together they have recorded two albums through their DIY headquarters “Oil Pit Studio” Their live performances have been described as an experience that is filled with a contagious energy. They have played numerous gigs around Sweden, having the opportunity to headline and support a variety of artists in various blues clubs and bars. Some of the artists they have supported are Peter Lundbladh, Sliding Slim & Jimmy Z and Swedish rockers Graveyard. “In 2011 the band entered the Scandinavian Blues Contest which resulted in a double victory – Peoples Choice and The Jury’s Choice!

The Jury’s feedback was:
“A tight band who plays in a relaxed manner performing their music where they have fun on stage, which rubs off on the audience. The band has the ability to express their blues with genuine feeling, audience contact and energy without playing too loud”. “This resulted in three amazing gigs.
Two of them at the 2012 Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival and later this year they got the privilege to go to the 2012 Blue Wave Festival in Binz, Germany – the biggest blues festival in Northern Germany.

In the fall of 2012 NPB signed a contract with Doolittle Group AB and Dot Music AB and got Lena Andersson (from Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival) as the bands personal manager.” – NO POSSESSION BLUES – Biography. The guitar work is catchy and the song structures sound purposefully designed to work towards being ear candy. This is blues rock at a high quality. Starting out with a blues stomper, “Final nail in the coffin” that’s certainly a ‘live’ song, needing the blues smoked lounges as ambiance. Expecting a pub fight to be going on as the song is being played. “Oil Pit Shuffle” is a Boogie-woogie rockabilly snapper, bursting with energy and jive. The production seems to be designed to capture the ‘live’ energy, and clearly this kind of music is best suited for that, and comes together wonderfully. “Pattern Ridge blues” brings the album to a southern porch shuffle. The Smokey blues jugging accompanied by the harmonica and the bouncy bass work well together creating a soulful ambiance. Then they come out swinging with a swamp blues hell raiser, “Raising Hell”.

Then hit it hard with a barroom blues rocker bruiser, “Head in the Sand”, with sliding guitar and wailing guitars. The jugging Eric Clapton-ish, “One Night Stand” is a great song, filled with great guitar, and an enjoyable, non-interfering or distracting guitar solo. Towards the end it gets happy and bouncy, a real ‘live’ get up and dance with us number. If you don’t get up and dance to this song, then you have numb music bones. “Give away grove” comes across in a sort of THE COMMETMENTS fashion. Its strong and funky. But the more I listen to this album, the more I say that these guys are a ‘live’ band, and a studio recording actually in part does injustice to the level of energy and charismatic delivery that these guys seem to exude. Buy the album, yes, but go watch them ‘live’ if you can, would be my encouragement or persuasion, it will only add to the over experience of who they are. I’ll certainly catch them ‘live’ at the first opportunity I have to see them. Then a Bo-didley type number with “Got it bad” , that is also an electrifying number that scorches the speakers with their head stomping, feet stamping beats, and riffs. Then they dim the lights with“ Little Miss Right”, for myself it was a moment to catch my breath. Then they light up the stereo once again with “The Day I die”, which I can only describe as aggressive blues. “No Possession Blues” ends the album well with its groove soaked guitar playing and steady drumming.

In closing the package you get is a freight train blues rock explosion that infuses the sensibilities of swamp and rockabilly to give an original package that is both nitro fuelled and engaging. Best suited played loud, and from the sounds of it, even better live. The only real fault if one is a stickler is that I was confined to listening to it through my stereo system.

For fans of: Brian Setzer, Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Band in Black ( comprising of some ex-One Bad Pig members) and Led Zepplin, Jimmy Hendrix…oh , shoo, these guys are just so good and have so many elements of other great bands in their sound, that seriously, just have a listen, you won’t feel you wasted your time!.

Rating 9/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1. Final Nail In The Coffin
2. Oil Pit Shuffle
3. Pattern Ridge Blues
4. Raising Hell
5. Head In The Sand
6. One Night Stand
7. Give Away Grove
8. Go It Bad
9. Little Miss Right
10. The Day I Die
11. No Possession Blues

Band Members:
Micko Ylinikka – lead guitar player
Danne Pettersson – lead vocals, harmonica and rhythm guitar
Mikko Karppinen – drums and impulsive back ground shouting
Mattias Vestlund – bass guitar and additional vocals

Record Label: Doolittle Group

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland & Worldwide: 
First Paradox Metalrecords

Video Below:  Final Nail In The Coffin

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