New Year Message from ‘Jeff Arwadi’ of Indonesian Metal Band ‘Kekal’


Jeff Arwadi of Indonesian avant garde metal band Kekal have checked in with the following message;

To all Kekal‘s listeners everywhere; Welcome to the New Year!

Kekal is blessed to have over 100 recorded original songs from 10 full-length albums & some mini-albums, which each and every of them tells a story and/or message about life.. Looking back, it never crossed my mind how this small underground band could ever release such number of albums and such many songs within its 22+ years of existence since 1995.. But yet, it somewhat surpassed the number 100 a couple years ago, and to this date, more songs are still being written and produced, even that the pace is now slower that it used to, when the band still had active members..

This is not about announcing the achievements of Kekal (although I think this is quite an achievement too), but I see it in a different perspective.. For me, life as a journey has provided many inspirations, lessons and experiences that can be captured by sounds and words under the shape of Kekal‘s music.. The richness of life, even covered by all its problems and hardships, has enabled Kekal to spew out songs that many.. For this, I feel grateful to be part of this journey with Kekal, and it’s an honour to continue the journey as we are starting the new year..

In 2018, Kekal is planning to release a new full-length album, the band’s 11th studio album entitled “Deeper Underground” (stay tuned for the updates!).. In the midst of all the turmoils and uncertainty this world currently have, it is important to never fall into despair, and to keep fighting to achieve what we are longing for.. Music can be a part of such movement, and for Kekal, it is a duty..

I wish you all the best in 2018, and hope you will keep listening to the music of Kekal and share it with your friends and families..


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