New Interview with ‘Extol’ Vocalist ‘Peter Espevoll’ Posted Online


Peter_Espevoll_II_by_KienBaoBadChristian recently conducted an interview with Peter Espevoll of the Norwegian metal band Extol. Peter talks with Matt, Toby and Joey about his metal band Extol, spending time in a Norwegian mental care facility with his family and why Extol took an unexplained hiatus, as well as mental health and its life changing effects on his world. “We live in this world and it’s full of shit. Rather than always praying for health or the perfect things, my focus has been more on asking God to be with me in the tough things.” The interview can be heard on BC‘s latest podcast.

Extol‘s long-awaited fifth album has been released on 21st of June 2013 in Norway, Germany and Austria and on 24th of June in Europe via Indie Recordings and on June 25 in North America via Facedown Records.

More than two years after the start of the dvd crowdfunding campaign,  the long awaited Extol: of Light and Shade documentary will be finally released next month.

The film is directed by Åsmund Janøy and produced by Peter Espevoll and Åsmund Janøy. Edited by the fabolous Torkel Gjørv (‘Tears of Gaza’ and ‘When Bubbes Burst’) with soundmix from Lyder Janøy and featuring amazing music from Aslak Hartberg, Jon Henning Orten and Extol.

In October of 2012, we had the opportunity to do an interview with Ole Børud, the mastermind behind reactivated Extol.

To read our review for the new Extol album, click here.

Lyric video ‘Sting of Death’

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