New ‘Boston’ album Is ‘85% Complete’


Boston‘s publicist, Gail Parenteau, has released the following statement to regarding Michael Sweet‘s (Stryper) departure from the group:”We truly enjoyed having Michael Sweet sing and play guitar on stage for the 2008 Boston tour along with Tommy DeCarlo, who was the lead vocalist replacing Brad Delp. However, Michael has not been involved in the recording of Boston’s next studio album, which is now 85% complete. We have always understood his obvious commitment to his band Stryper, and wish him and his band the best of luck with their new endeavors. “The lead vocals for Boston‘s soon-to-be-released studio album include Brad Delp‘s singing on many songs, along with several excellent performances by our other three lead vocalists. The album reflects an intentional effort by principal songwriter and producer Tom Scholz to capture the recognizable sound and energy of his original releases, combined with the musical sophistication expected from exceptional players and vocalists all performing within the traditional framework of the well-known Boston sound.”Delpcommitted suicide in 2007, leaving behind a note in which he called himself “a lonely soul.”Sweet announced his decision to leave Boston on Wednesday (August 10), revealing that he wanted to dedicate more time to Stryper, the band he co-founded in 1983.He said, “My focus and my loyalty lies with Stryper, the band that I’ve committed almost 30 years of my life to. The guys in Stryper are my brothers and I’m excited about our future together.

“The music of Boston helped shape who I am as an artist, and the opportunity to be a part of their musical legacy is overwhelming. It’s been an honor to share the stage with them, and a bigger honor to call them my friends.”

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