New Audio Interview with ‘Piet Sielck’ of ‘Iron Savior’ Posted Online


Iron Savior 2014On March 30, Rustyn Rose of conducted an interview with Piet Sielck of Germany’s Iron Savior. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

Iron Savior released its new album, “Rise Of The Hero”, on February 28 via AFM Records. The Japanese edition of the CD arrived on February 19 through Avalon.

Iron Savior likes to surprise its fans from time to time. Who would have expected a cover version of Mando Diao‘s ‘Dance With Somebody’ from the Hamburg-based band? Well, whatever works is allowed. So frontman Piet Sielck admits that ‘Dance With Somebody’ was originally recorded to become a bonus track for the limited edition of the new CD, “but we simply liked it too much and finally decided to make it a regular album track.”

Album review quote:

‘Songs tend to range from mid-tempo to fast like in “Thunder from the Mountain”, which keeps the listener interested.  Through it all the rhythm section holds everything together very well.  There are even some stadium-like anthem songs like “Iron Warrior” where one can picture a sea of fists raised and pumping in unison.’

To read the entire review for “Rise of the Hero” click here.


01. Ascendence [Intro]
02. Last Hero
03. Revenge Of The Bride
04. From Far Beyond Time
05. Burning Heart
06. Thunder From The Mountains
07. Iron Warrior
08. Dragon King
09. Firestorm
10. The Demon
11. Fistraiser
12. Dance With Somebody [Mando Diao cover]
13. I’ve Been To Hell 2014 [limited-edition bonus track]

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Video below “Rise Of The Hero” Album Trailer

Video below ‘Burning Heart’

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