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Azoria logoAzoria – A New great metal act from Sweden! Feat. Alexander Oriz. Alex Oriz have worked hard the last years as a producer, songwriter, guitarist and technician. Alex Oriz is also one of the guitar-players in the successful power metal band ReinXeed. Azoria’s debut album ”Seasons Change” is released on February 5th in Japan via King Records & February 28 the rest of the world via Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group A.B. Below an interview with Alexander, Simon and Chris, they talk about their musical background, biggest fear, influences for writing music and of course their debut album “Seasons Change” and much more:

TMR: Hey guys this is ‘The Metal Resource’ from Holland, how are things going there in Sweden ?

Alex: Hi things are going really well here at the Azoria camp, lots of planning for the future

TMR: Will you Introduce yourself and the band please ! [name and instrument]

Alex Oriz – Lead Guitars, Backing vocals & Keyboards
Chris David – Bass & backing vocals
Emil Eriksson – Drums
Simon J – Guitars

TMR: Tell us the brief history of ‘Azoria’

Alex: I started Azoria early in 2013 together with some members of my other band Oriz. To read the whole history i recommend you to go to our website

Azoria 500TMR: What is your musical background ? [for everyone personal]

Alex: I began to take an interest in music at an early age and began playing drums to Michael Jackson songs at home. During elementary school, so I came in contact with electric bass and played it for a few years before I got my first guitar, which is now my main instrument I’ve played for over 10 years.

David: I started out playing some piano at the age of 8. But I wanted to play guitar and rock out so I changed instrument. After I had played guitar for a
couple of years I realized that all the people I thought was the coolest on stage were bass players. My favorites were Lemmy, Steve Harris, Robert
Trujillo, Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton. I listened a lot to old school metal from the 70s and 80s. (Still do..) Most of these guys play bass with their
fingers and so do I. But you could see me use a pick on some songs!

Simon: Been playing guitar for 15 odd years

TMR: Why the name ‘Azoria’ ? Is there a story behind it ?

Alex: The name Azoria is originally a name game between my first and last name

TMR: Who writes the music/lyrics in ‘Azoria’ ? … how do you get in the mood for writing music? And which bands/situations have influences you for writing music and lyrics ?

Alex: I write all the songs & lyrics in Azoria and i usally get it the mood at night before i go to sleep:P Bands that inspire me musically is Edguy, Avantasia, Statovarius, Helloween to name a few … When it comes to lyrics I become inspired by common things that happen around us all the time in life.

TMR: How do you describe the music of ‘Azoria’ the best ?

Alex: Well thats a hard question:P I would describe Azorias music as sing-along friendly Heavy / Power Metal with happy and positive lyrics that can speak to many fans out there.

TMR: What are some key principles or phylosophies that you hold onto as foundational stones as who you are as a person? [for everyone personal]

Alex: The golden rule!
David: I try to make everything in life as fun as possible. I don’t spend to much time doing stuff I think is boring.. Never give up! And dream big!
Simon: Don’t drink and skip rope

Azoria_coverTMR: What can you tell us about your debut album “Seasons Change” [the recording proces, the songs, who did the artwork etc ?]

Alex: The recording of Seasons Change has been a long process before I got everything to run smoothly with all the singers who would be involved in the disc but I am also very pleased with the result and I’m incredibly proud that so many talented musicians chose to participate on the disc! The artwork is made by Markus Sigfridsson at Tenement Design.

TMR: The album is just released [march 14th] via ‘Doolittle Group AB’ how did you get signed by them ?

Alex: I have now worked with Doolittle Group ever since we released our second album with Oriz in 2011 and as you probably know, I am also a guitarist in the band ReinXeed which is also signed at Doolittle Group. So when the choice of label for Azoria came up it seemed natural to sign with Doolittle.

TMR: Is there already a highlight you will always remember, since the beginning of ‘Azoria’ ? [for everyone personal]

Alex: The day when we finally had the final mix of “Seasons Change” in our hands

David: Hmm.. I have known these people for a long time and played with them in different things before. So I don ́t know if I have a specific highlight that I will always remember yet that has happened in Azoria. One thing I will remember however is when this project started I still lived in LA and me and Alex spent 14 hours straight talking on Skype.. I have no idea what we talked about for that many hours haha.. I guess we made plans or something haha!

Simon: Too soon into the process. The highlights are yet to come

TMR: And the worst thing were ? (if there is one) [for everyone personal]

Alex: No worst thing yet for me.
David: When we recorded a new music video just a week ago I had some kind of a stomach disease which was not so fun to have when you do a lot of
different takes..
Simon: See above

TMR: What is the last album you bought ? [for everyone personal]

Alex: Edguy – Tinitus Sanctus
David: The Winery Dogs self titled debut album. Amazing album with amazing musicians. I strongly recommend that one!
Simon: Opeth – Heritage

TMR: What makes you laugh? [for everyone personal]

Alex: Monthy Python, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy
David: Oh I don’t know! Almost everything I think haha..!
Simon: Will Ferrell

TMR: What is your biggest fear ? [for everyone personal]

Alex: Going to the dentist haha …
David: Lose my hair! : )
Simon: Zombies and big birds. (and big zombie birds)

TMR: How is it that so many good musicians are coming from Scandinavian countries [what is the secret ?]

Alex: I think a lot depends on talented music teachers in schools that encourages students to start their own bands and practice at school.

TMR: What are some of the things you like to do away from the band? [for everyone personal]

Alex: I love fishing!
David: Play and jam with other bands/people.
Simon: I like to travel, enjoy watching Korean rom-com’s and eating weird food.

TMR: How do you promote your band and shows ?

Alex: A lot of our promotion happens on the internet at our webbpage and facebook.

TMR: How do you prepare for a show? [for everyone personal]

Alex: I usually warm up with some scale exercises on the guitar, drinking a cup of coffee or soda water and just chill backstage.
David: After soundcheck I usually just hang around for a while and chilling. And then the last 30-40 minutes I warm up and I might also have a beer.
Simon: By relaxing and playing a bit of guitar

TMR: Are you visiting many gigs and what do you listen to these days? [for everyone

Alex:: I go to a lot of concerts and I listen to really diverse music, ranging from hard metal to Movits.
David: I try to go to as many gigs as possible. I play a lot live so I also get the chance to see a lot of bands play.
Hmm lately I have been listening a lot to RUSH and some 70s style of Rock and Blues. And also some heavier stuff like Symphony X, Adrenaline
Mob, Black Label Society and Kill Devil Hill.
Simon: Very few lately. Nowadays I mainly listen to blues and progressive rock. Joe Bonamassa, Mark
Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Rory Gallagher to name a few. A constant fan of Opeth.

TMR: Name some of your favorite bands to play with live [past and future] and tell us why ? [for everyone personal]

Alex: I love being on stage no matter what band it is all about, all the bands I’ve played with has its benefits.
David: Hmm hard question! I just like to play bass it does not matter if it is blues,rock,pop or metal. So I don’t think I have an answer for this question!
Simon: Except for Azoria I play bass in a band called Terratone. The genre is quite different to Azoria but I enjoy both very much.

TMR: What is the dumbest question you have ever been asked? [for everyone personal]

Alex: Are there any stupid questions?
David: Dumb question? There is no dumb questions!
Simon: Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee? For answer – watch Way of the

TMR: What are the biggest obstacles for bands ?

Alex: The hardest part for many bands is the economic part, for how can a band spend money on records, tours, merch etc if it does not generate an income?

TMR: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Alex: Believe in your work and never give up!

TMR: What are your plans for the near future ? [European tour maybe ?]

Alex: We plan to play a lot in the future and Alex has already begun working on a second Azoria album.

TMR: Guys thanks for your time and the interview. We wish ‘Azoria’ all the best … Is there anything you wanna say at last ? [any final statement ?]

Alex: Thank you for your support! Stay true because Seasons Change!!!

Band members:
Alex Oriz – Lead Guitars
Chris David – Bass
Simon J – Rythm Guitars
Emil Eriksson – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

Our review for “Seasons Change” can be found here.

Video below ‘Seasons Change’

Video below “Seasons Change” Album Teaser

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