New ‘Armath Sargon’ Music Video Available For Streaming


Armath Sargon posted a new video from the upcoming album Under the Moon and the Sun. The album will be released via Nokternal Hemizphear, release date yet unknown. The song is titled Where horizon end, the video is available below.

Meanwhile, Cyberian Inner Death will be released via Die And Gain Records in limited 25 copy jewelcase edition, including all lyrics inside. The album was released last year in carting sleeve poket. We keep you posted.

Recently he joined two bands/projects Phenex Rising [US] & Antivenom [US].

The latest Armath Sargon album titled The Book Of Revelation I & II is now available as a free download. 2 parts, with a total playing time of 106:40. Armath Sargon commented: I did have plans to release it as a CD but did have releaser, I decided to set it free to download, it has all contence that is in book of Revelation. The album is available at his last fm page.

The Book Of Revelation is the follow up to Cyberian Inner Death [read our review here] which was  released august 2011 by [new] Underground label  Die And Gain Records [Finland].  There you can also purchase the album

The band was started in 2004 at Jyväskylä, Finland. At first,  band was under name Litostroton, but then God gave founder the name Armath Sargon. The third album was released through a small record label “White As Snow”Armath Sargon’s music has been described as athmospheric metal with lyrics potentially centered around God, christianity and salvation.

Veripolku (2007)
Opus Apocalypsis Rex (2008)
Winter of tears and path of blood (2009)
4th Dimension (2009)
Dark and dead visions of fallen souls (2009) Free
Reflections from eternity (2010)
When love is dead… (2010)
888 (2011) Free
Field of blood (2011)
Hymns from Thy will (2011)
Disc 1 Darkness turn into light (2011)
Disc 2 Darkness turn into light (2011)
Cyberian inner death (2011)
The book of Revelation (2012) free

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Majesty his other project will release its first album Malfunction inside the brain cortex this spring.  The album contains 14 songs, music for more over one hour long.  Listen here to the new Majesty song Drug Addiction.

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