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Neizbezhnost are a melodic unblack metal band from the Ukraine. The band members are Andrii Magas (guitars, vocals & synths), Dmytro Soroka (bass) and Andrii Vynnychenko (drums). They released their debut EP ‘Inevitability’ (2008) and then went on to a full-length album ‘Would it be Reasonable…’ (2010) in Russian. This independent release was only available in very limited quantities and became highly sought after. This lead to them being signed to Metal For A Dark World Records in 2011, with the lyrics being translated to English for the re-packaged release of ‘Would it be Reasonable…’

The album contains ten tracks with a running time of almost sixty minutes. It has been described as “blistering black metal fury that transports the listener back to the dark days of early 1990’s harsh melodic black metal that is haunting in breath, yet chilling in scope!” Comparisons are made with Drautran, Gothmog, Dying Blaze, Evroklidon, Usynlig Tulmult, Imperial Crystalline Entombment, and old Darkthrone. The album has been professionally engineered and mastered for a quality release.

The title track opens with hell-for-leather drumming and high pitched screeching, which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It pulls back into a slower guitar and synth-driven section before rampaging forth again “Now your life is over / You can’t ever turn back anything / Now you remember that life is short / And what is the result? What have you done?” The next track contains a spiritual warning with “Stop Playing With Devilry! / Like Siren’s voice lures you / Coal-black evil book / Sinister howl of devildom and the Devil’s hand / Call you into darkness and the world of witchcraft / Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! / Stop playing with devilry!”

‘Help Me!!!’ has a slower tempo with deep growling and mixes doom riffs with technical thrash guitar heavily laden with driving bass and lush synth. The lyrics give examples of the times when others were in trouble and needed help, but you chose to pass them by. Then ‘Alcoholic’ bursts forth with a mixture of frenetic riffs and galloping rhythm with the destructive power of alcohol abuse. As suggested by the title, ‘Tranquillity’ is more melodic. And ‘Alive Corpse’ points out that a person with money and power, but lacking compassion, is worthless.

My personal favourite is ‘Requital Time Shall Come’ with its spoken word intro and the theme based around “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Another thought provoking track is ‘Demon Of Television’ where you become desensitised to the horrors of this world due to repeated exposure. Finally, ‘Do Good’ reminds that our lives are short and we should take the opportunity to help others whenever we can.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Track list:
1. Would It Be Reasonable
2. Stop Playing With Devilry!
3. Help Me!!!
4. Alcoholic
5. Tranquillity
6. Alive Corpse
7. Requital Time Shall Come!
8. Evil Inside
9. Demon Of Television
10. Do Good!

Band members:
Andrii Magas – guitars, vocals & synths
Dmytro Soroka – bass
Andrii Vynnychenko -drums

Record Label: Metal For A Dark World, 2011

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for the great review! I’ll pass it along to the band members, I’m sure that they will appreicate it!! Also, just wanted to say a big Thank You to you and everyone at The Metal Resource for all of your support over the past 7-8 months and supporting what we’re doing! Love the site and you all are GREAT! Keep on doing what you’re doing and I know that you will be blessed in big ways, if not here on earth, then in Heaven!

    God Bless,
    Brian @ Metal For A Dark World

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