‘My Silent Wake’ New Line Up Announced, Update On New Album


MSW 2013British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake [MSW] have issued the following update:

The new album of metal songs is now complete and is almost completely mixed. Guests on the album are Martin Bowes of Attrition and Greg Chandler of Esoteric, who also did all the engineering, production and mixing. The album is sounding so good so far that we are getting very excited about its release in May. The album is called “Silver Under Midnight” and is due for release on Bombworks Records. There will also be an acoustic release, hopefully around the same time.

The Anatomy remastered re-release is now out and can be purchased form the Bomworks site or from us here: 

The band line-up has changed again and the current membership is Ian Arkley, Mark Henry [Also of March of Time], Adam Westlake [Also of Striga] and Rich Alden [also of Penthos]. This line-up will be playing at future gigs. The previous members are all very much in contact with the band, and may return at some point. Many have been involved in recent recordings.

We now have a MSW app which is available on the Reverbnation page. Please use this facility – it is free of charge.

Lin Toulcher is going to be helping the band out with promotion.

The new Attrition album which I have played guitar on is now available, entitled ‘The Unraveller of Angels’

Plans are afoot for gigs and more recording. The whole band is now based in Weston which makes everyhting much easier with rehearsals.

Please help us in promoting MSW to as wide an audience as possible!

Thanks for listening!



My Silent Wake‘s roots lie in the death/doom band Ashen Mortality. Ashen Mortality were formed in the early 90’s in Halesowen, West Midlands and were active for a further 11 years. When the band split in 2005, three of the members went on to form MSW. The band was formed in the spring of 2005 in Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset. Initially the band was created by Ashen Mortality co-founder Ian Arkley with other ex Ashen Mortality members Jasen Whyte and Andi Lee. Alan Southorn and Kate Hamilton also joined within the first few months. My Silent Wake have many other elements to their music; as well as death/doom they have influences from folk, medieval music and progressive/psychedelic rock. The band released 5 albums including a split with The Drowning.


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Video below for: “Journey’s End”

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