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MyEndlessWishes_coverBorn in 2005 and hailing out of Sweden by Frida and Martin Viberg, whom got married in 2006 My Endless Wishes mix up a traditional metal style with the incorporation of a very melodic and symphonic overtone that snugs in closer at times to a more hard rock brand of style. Again those whom follow my reviews will note that I love the bands that come out of the Nordic regions, and My Endless Wishes fits in with the many great bands that come out of there.

On their self-titled debut they deliver a strong setting for future releases. Yes there are a lot of bands past and present that have had similar styles, like Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation which are musical influences. Despite the similarities, what they give the listener is a high quality album, that breathes with purpose and passion, and captures the heart of the listener. Frida Viberg has wonderfully controlled vocals that are both haunting and engaging at the same time throughout the album, and holds her notes well.

One of the down sides of the album is that they are up against a stellar cast of symphonic bands, and even though this is great for a debut, they will have to up their game to be at the top of the list. I don’t think many listeners are going to find themselves disappointed with the release. My Endless Wishes is a great new Christian hardrock act that certainly have the potential to peg themselves down as a group that will have mass appeal. Their music is very melodic giving it reach into the popular music spectrum. So it would not surprise me to see their audience grow as they mature and get their name out there.  “Our strength is our ambitions  and our positive message. Music is a big part of our lives and our goal is to reach out to the people with our message and our music” – My Endless Wishes. That alone tales of a band that is gonna give it all they got, and that in itself deserves the band of respect. Their song “Never Walk Alone” was released on a compilation CD called “Ultrapop Overdose” in USA back in 2008. Also in 2006 and 2008 My Endless Wishes played on the huge Upfest Festival in Ukraine, and they performed everywhere. Churches, undergroud clubs and all sorts of festivals. For example, the well known Frizon in Sweden. The album was recorded in December 2012 at Production House Studio, Örebro and was produced by Fredrik Eliasson.

One of the things that help back the bands progress over the years is the fact that they have been through several drummers, but when Erik Ekestrubbe joined in late 2009 they know had a unit that they could work with, and finally start focusing on their sound, and getting where they wanted to be became more of a reality. That group consisted of Frida Viberg – Vocals, Martin Viberg – Guitars, Magnus Källström – Bass, Fredrik Pernros — Guitars Erik Ekestubbe – Drums. Fast-forward that to 2011, and what emerged was a bigger sound, that was heavier and more distinct, the seed of which would grow into the bands breakthrough and the co-operation with DOT Music and Doolittle group where they were able to get in touch with Frippe Eliasson, Niclas Eliasson, and Christian Liljegren (known from Narnia, Golden Resurrection). If you are looking for great bands do not over look the Doolittle group. I am a staunch fan of almost every band that has emerged from that label. They finally signed deal in February 2012. Entering the studio during the Autumn and winter months of that year to get down to getting their debut out. One of the highlights of this group, and a refreshing experience in the light of how so many bands have opted to the use of electronic synthesisers for their strings for whatever their reasons, My Endless Wishes actually make use of real strings which adds to the vibrancy and warmth of their sound. This scores high with me, and also shows their commitment to getting a quality product out to the listener. It adds such depth to their sound, and postures them as the real deal.

They start off the album with a solid hard rocker, “Follow the Light”, that has a catchy riff, and reminds me of a fresh rendition of those 80’s cult hard rock bands. The arrangement is well set out and the lead guitar work sells the over package. Songs like, “Cry for Deliverance”, “ A part of me” , “Paradise”, are all strong contenders in the sounding like Nightwish chase. Not detracting from the quality of what they do, It just sparks some familiarities that perhaps a little too much of a copy of, rather than a sounding like. Stand out tracks are , “Follow the Light”, “ A part of me”, “Angel”, “Paradise”, “Searching for a hero”, “Stronger” I must say my favourite track is “Searching for a hero” it starts with a dramatic intro that helps build the song into a powerhouse. It combines tradional hard rock that has been modernized and articulated with some great string arrangements. Silent tears is another strong song in terms of its arrangemnent and some great string work. They end the album with a strong whoohaa, with “Once Again”, starting off with powerful piano that with the dramaticness of Frida’s vocals again show casts the depth of creativity and potential of the band

Over all this is a safe album. Its not the best in this genre, but you are not going to feel like you wasted your time on this. There is much growth to be had, and they are certainly talented enough to grow to become a machine in the industry able to stand ground with bands like NightWish and Evanescence. This is for fans of NightWish and Evanescence, but who enjoy a more tradional hardrock feel. Its a strong debut and I believe is a great foundation for future releases if they build out from this one. Like I said its safe, so i would urge to go out and purchase this, and support them, so that they may continue to give quality music, as they have on their debut. Their new album will be released in 2013 and if you ever get the opportunity to see this great hardrock act live, do it!

Rating: 8/10

Written by: Donovan de Necker

01. Follow The Light
02. Cry For Deliverance
03. A Part Of Me
04. Lost Without You
05. Angel
06. Waiting For A Sign
07. Paradise
08. Searching For A Hero
09. Before I Say Goodbye
10. Stronger
11. Silent Tears
12. Once Again

Band members:
Frida Viberg – Vocals
Fredrik Pernros – Guitars
Martin Viberg – Guitars
Magnus Källström – Bass
Erik Ekestubbe – Drums

Never Walk Alone, demo [2009]
My Endless Wishes  [2013]

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Myspace

Record Label: Doolittle Group AB, March 2013

Interview With ‘My Endless Wishes’ [March 2013]

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

Video below: Album teaser


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