Morning Dwell – “The Guardians Of Time”


This power metal band from Sweden released their second full length album. I never heard of this band but I’m glad I know them now. It is a feast for the power metal fans, because it takes us back to the old golden days of the metal.

The first song of the album At the end of the Universe starts off relaxed and slow, and when the keyboard stars to play, it already gives you the feeling of the old days. It picks up speed as it goes and that makes it interesting, I think. It makes me want to listen to the whole song and it’s a song which is well made. The song The guardians of Time starts with a choir-like vocals, which make it feel divine. The powerful guitar chords gives it more power and makes a nice contrast to this divine sound. The solo of this song is great. It is fast and sound just great. As an guitarist it is fun to listen to and hear the different technics they use. Rise from the Sands sounds in the beginning pretty happy, a bit different from the other songs. It’s still has the power metal feel to it, but it sounds like it’s in major in stead of minor, which makes this album really diverse. But the best song, if you ask me, is the song The mask and the Clocktower. It starts off with a tune which you would expect at a abandoned theme park or circus. It has a creepy and somewhat disturbing feeling to it and I really like it. It is the longest song on this album, but they did this song so well. It’s a song that keeps you want to listen and at that point I forget that this song is over 13 minutes. I think this song doesn’t sound boring even for the length of the song. There are different parts and each part sound unique but also so well fitted together. It really captures the power metal and that’s what I search in such bands. But the contrast with The sun never Shines is also good. It switches to a more faster song and it gives me more energy. And the guitar solo is again pretty impressive. It is fast, melodic and fun to listen to.

I must say this band was a big surprise for me. I did not know what to expect. I like the way all the instruments and vocals sound together. It surely captures the power metal and shows that they are inspired by bands from the 80’s/90’s. One point of criticism is that not all the vocals sound that great, but all and all it sounds ok. I really think that if they released this in that period, they would be more known. It is an album which is great if you are a fan of power metal and bands like Gloryhammer or if you are interested to listen to it as an artist. It gives me more inspiration, helps me to know how different types of metal sound like and how to interpreted it on the guitar. Hopefully they keep on the good work.

Rating 8.4

Written by Joshua

1. At the end of the universe
2. The guardians of time
3. Rise from the sand
4. King of the world
5. Where morning dwells
6. The mask and the clocktower
7. The sun never shines
8. Gate of time
9. A new world

Petter Hjerpe-Vocals
Michel Barréra-Guitars
Ulf Zetterman-Guitars
Martin Erneström-Bass
Samuel Olsson-Keyboards
Alfred Fridhagen-Drums

“Morning Dwell” [2014] (review)

Record Label Doolittle Group AB, Aug. 2016

Weblinks Facebook / Website

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Lyric video for ‘Rise From The Sand’

Video (audio) for ‘The guardians of time’

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