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decays beholder 2013Hailing from Belo Horizonte-MG, Krig, translated, meaning “WAR”, who formed in 2007 by Isaque Soares, who then invited his friend Daniel Corpse to do vocals. Krig could be best described as a technical death metal outfit that has some industrial and thrash influences. Originally started as a project band, it soon developed into something much more. Ended up releasing the album, “Feed me” in that same year. Due to the great feedback from the cd, plans were put forth to include two more members, so they could do concerts. Brutal is one of the words I would use to describe the over all sound. The songs overall are aggressive and fast. This mayhem starts hard and fast with “ Decay’s Beholder” and continues throughout without hesitation or apology. I think what sells one on this band is the level of competency throughout the album, this is not just some run of the mill technical death metal gargle and growl.

I think they keep it pretty much safe, by not allowing it to bleed to much outside of the genre, thus keeping the content and delivery pure. Other words this is not the most adventurous technical metal exploit you’ll come across, but Krig seem to rather do something they know well and play well within their own abilities. This is a quality I admire from the band, as there is not a moment where you feel they are fumbling about because they reached beyond themselves. This is controlled chaos, delivered with a no nonsense attitude.

It overflows with passion and energy. The high points of the album are the guitar riffs, which have a colossal, in charge feel that delivers a captivating and adrenaline fueled charge that would certainly be found agreeable in the crushing and grinding of bones in a mosh-pit. There are great moments of pure excellence as found in songs like “33”, which starts with fat sounding intro, and then pulverizes with its musical attack with some great technical lead guitar and infectious jugging riffy bits, that are driven hard and sure by the large vocal aggressiveness of Daniel Corpse, as he puts forth a worthy vocal assault that can shake the wax loose in your ears. “Killer tendency” is another great example of their technical prowess from a musical perspective, and the rhythm guitar has this industrious feel to it as it machine blasts away. A high powered track that has a few movements and time changes to it that works pretty well without sounding awkward and dislodged. “Threw out prophecies” again highlights an industrial taste of form that is expounded on the intro, before it races forth into Krig’s usual brutal technical onslaught. This is not an album for everyone, but those whom are seeking high quality technical death metal then you won’t go wrong with, ”Decay’s Beholder”, as it pretty much covers everything you would look for in a good death metal album, and then some. Some great bass licking in,“Lies of Santa Clause” by Jully Soares. “True Human Nature” enters on what could be termed techical thrash before heading into their usual foray of technical death treats. “Foolish Evidoers” ends the album on a strong and steady note filled with technical bits and energy driven drumming by Vinicius Soares. For myself, this song from a technical perspective its one of the high lights for me on the release.

Overall this is a mightily adrenaline fueled technical onslaught of the ravenous kind that played loud could definitely be served a citation for disturbance of peace. Great guitar playing melded with the volcanic vocals brings forth an album that has stylistically some great moments as found in songs like “Drink the Third World”, “ Wild civilization”and “Disposable” that captivate one and can tear a hole in space and time. This is a brutally intense release by any standard, and deserving of decimating your ear drums.

For fans of brutal technical death metal.

Rating: 8/10

1. Decay’s Beholder, Behold The War
2. Decay’s Beholder
3. 33
4. Killer Tendency
5. Drink The Third World
6. Threw Out Prophecies
7. Lies Of Santa Claus
8. True Human Nature
9. Wild Civilization
10. Quiet Ocean Of Lies
11. Disposable
12. Foolish Evildoers III

Band members:
Isaque Sales Soares – Guitars
Daniel Corpse – Vocals
Jully Soares – Bass
Vinicius Soares – Drums

Feed Me – 2007
Stop the Manipulation – 2008
Target: Human, Mission: Destroy – 2009
Narcissistic mechanism – 2010
Decay’s Beholder – 2013

Record Label: Hammerdown Records, May 2013

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Buy the album here:
Metal Helm
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below for: “Decay’s Beholder”

Video below for: “Lies Of Santa Claus”


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