‘Morning Dwell’ A Day In the Studio – Keyboards and Vocals (Part 5)


Morning Dwell (large)As previously reported, the power metal machine from Sweden Morning Dwell, has started recording their 2nd album. Check out a fifth in the studio video below.

Their self-titled debut album, has been released on April 2nd. 2014 via Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group A.B. 

Morning Dwell is Classic power metal in the vein of Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Era, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian and ReinXeed.

Produced by Frippe Eliasson & Petter Hjerpe, Mixed by CJ Grimmark [Narnia, Rob Rock]. The album has all the elements needed for a great heavy power metal album. Of course a great power metal debut album needs the perfect artwork! The artwork is done by no other than Andreas Marshall who has done famous artworks for bands like Hammerfall, Kreator, Stratovarious, Blind Guardian etc.

To read our review of Morning Dwell’s debut album click here.

An interview with founder & vocalist Petter Hjerpe can be found at this location.

Video below: A day in the studio (part 5)

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