Magdalene Rose Releases Debut EP “The Prelude”, Listen to ‘A Bad Residential’ ft. Underoath and Spencer Chamberlain


Magdalene Rose formerly from The GFM Band (the band that consisted of three sisters) – Magdalene just released her debut solo EP “The Prelude” on November 10th.

“The Prelude,” touches on heavy yet important subjects, including betrayal, sex trafficking, and night terrors. It also sheds light on the hope for healing. 

Magdalene has the following to say:

Hey BeautyCore Family! 

I’m super excited to finally share “The Prelude” with you. This EP is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s the raw echo of my journey, the soundtrack of my battles, and the voice of my victories. It’s been a tough ride, full of challenges, but so rewarding.

Each note of “The Prelude” is a piece of my soul, a step in finding my voice amidst the noise. These songs are my heart, stripped down to its core—raw, unfiltered emotion and pain that just had to burst free.

Through the darkest times, I’ve grown, and I’ve pushed through battles I’ve been fighting for years. I’m not done yet; there’s so much more I want to share, so much more music that’s pounding in my chest, waiting to be heard.

“The Prelude” is just the start, a whisper of the scream that’s to come with the full album. It’s deeply personal, and I hope it resonates with you, as it did with me.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am for the love and mercy God has shown me in my toughest moments, and for the unwavering support you’ve shown me. Your energy fuels my passion, and I can’t wait for you to hear what’s next.

This is our moment, and it’s just the beginning. Let’s turn the volume up and rock together.

Keep it metal,

Magdalene Rose


  1. Gorilla Warfare
  2. Shark Spray
  3. Something Spiritual
  4. A Bad Residential
  5. Modern Genocide

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Lyric Video for A Bad Residential (ft. Underoath and Spencer Chamberlain)

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