‘Monotheist’ To Release New EP ‘Genesis of Perdition’ Next Month, Pre-Order Your Copy Now


Monotheist-bandpicMonotheist from Florida will release a new 6 song EP on May 21, entitled “Genesis of Perdition”. Pre-Orders are available now at metalhelm. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below, also below a taste of the new EP, listen to “Elegy of the Sleepwalkers.”

Monotheist started as the solo project of Mike J. Moore [Prophet] in late 2005. Monotheist turned into a band when vocalist Jake Rice and bassist Elyssa Coultas joined and helped record the band’s first album “Unforsaken” in mid-2007. Listeners were able to hear an eclectic mix of influences by bands like Extol, Opeth, Suffocation and Cynic. Classical, jazz and folk influences also permeated the sound that Monotheist had created on their first outing. After playing only a handful of shows in 2008 [with a lineup featuring JJ “Shiv” Polachek on vocals, Anthony Wert on guitar, and Eirek Eichel on drums] the band seemed to have been abruptly frozen in its tracks. For almost 5 years, no real activity would be seen from the band. Then, in 2012, Monotheist, re-released “Unforsaken” and the duo of Prophet and Shiv [7 Horns 7 Eyes], reemerged from the wasteland of inactivity. Having recruited drummer Cooper Bates and guitarist Christian Martinez, the band began to play shows again in addition to recording its second release, the EP “Genesis of Perdition.” A result of music culled from writing sessions during the band’s period of live inactivity, the new album showcases the next logical step in Monotheist’s evolution of sound. The songs are more concise and contain tighter songwriting, with improved recording quality and more complex riffs which require multiple listens to dissect the layers of sound and intertwining melodies. Fans of technical, forward-thinking death metal are sure to enjoy the new offering by these young talented musicians.

The new EP was mostly recorded at Prophet’s Unforsaken Studios, with the drums being recorded at Studio 18 in Winter Park, Florida and mastering by Erik Tordsson. The eerie artwork was handled by Gabriel Neale.”

Shigionoth Records re-released their 2007 album “Unforsaken” last November. To read our album review click here.

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1. Genesis of Perdition [Prelude]
2. Subzero
3. Elegy of the Sleepwalkers
4. Feeding on Pestilence
5. Altar of Vanity
6. The Great Awakening

 Upcoming Shows:
Apr 20 The Haven Lounge, Winter Park, FL
Apr 28 Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL

Band members:
Shiv – Vocals
Prophet – Guitar
Cooper Bates – Drums/Vocals
Christian Martinez – Guitar

Unforsaken [2007]
Unforsaken, re-issue [2012]

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