Modern -Core Outfit Bloodlines Join the Facedown Records Family, Releases New Single ‘Colder’


From the Gulf Coast of Texas come Bloodlines, a four-piece modern -core outfit taking cues from bands like For Today, Impending Doom and Convictions. The band’s 2019 debut LP Hostile | Minds, which marries classic metal core with a distinctly progressive twist, was hailed as a “dark and violent record,” with one reviewer noting “A heavy band is born.”

Bloodlines’ mission statement is as clear as their sound is brutal. They plainly assert that their vision is very simple and that’s to spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Bloodlines are releasing their brand new single, ‘Colder’, followed by “Hevel,” a 5 song EP slated for summer 2021.

Video for ‘Colder’

Upcoming Shows:
Mar 5 – Mar 6 · Sound for the Crown Music Festival, Poteet, TX, US (FB Event)

Social Media: Facebook / Spotify / Apple Music

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