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missmayideathlesscdcover_0Miss May I was formed in 2007 in Troy,Ohio while most of the band members were still in high school. They signed to Rise Records in 2008 and released their debut album “Apologies Are For The Weak”. “Deathless” is their fifth album and it was produced by Joey Sturgis, who also produced their first two albums.

What to say about this album? Am I going to give a song by song description, which is hardly possible because I would probably say the same about every song: High tempo metalcore with trash influences, blastbeats, breakdowns and screaming interspersed with clean catchy vocals. Done! Next review….. Or is there something more to say? Well yes! I stand for 100% behind my previous statement but to leave it like this would not do this album justice.
Though it has all the typical metalcore elements, it is of a very high quality. Very fast parts which can be compared to the faster songs of As I Lay Dying. Miss My I is a band that is easily recognized between all the others in this genre. They have their own unique sound.

Should I point out the highlights? Well the title track ‘Deathless’ is one of those highlights. Very aggressive and with some eastern melody Lines in the guitar work at times.
The song ‘Arise’ starts with some beautiful melodic guitar Lines with electronic samples underneath. This song displays the more trashy side in the riffs. But then again the typical breakdowns.

I also want to point out the drumwork by Jerod, it is really amazing. Very dynamic.

One point of criticism is the content of the lyrics. I find them not so strong, a bit juvenile to say the least. For example the first songtitle ‘I.H.E’ meaning: I hate everything, I hate everyone. Maybe this has something to do with their young age but I feel that they can only grow at this point. Let’s hope so.

The beautiful guitarsolo’s in ‘Empty Promises’ also need to get mentioned. That is something that I like about Miss May I in general and especially on this album. They are original in their musical melody Lines. Very catchy.

The album closes with a bang! The song ‘Born From Nothing’ is a worthy closure. Fast paced riffs and again the twinsolo’s in the chorus. The solo’s and the whole chorus could easily be played and fitted in a song from Stryper. This song is As I Lay Dying meets Stryper. Maybe a weird comparison but it sums it up well.

The funny thing about Deathless is that I read a whole lot of different opinions about this album. I see a lot of negative comments, but at the other hand I also see the same amount of positive comments. So I guess it all comes down to ones own taste. At least I am on the positive side. I think that they deserve a listen and then you should decide for yourself if this album is something for you.

Now I have to rate Deathless and I find this a hard one. If it comes to the lyrics they don’t deserve a high rating, but the music and the songs are of such high quality that I have to give it a higher mark. Musically I feel that it should be 8.5/10, but that wouldn’t be honest to give because the songs also concist of lyrics.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by: René Woning

1. I H.E
2. Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)
3. Psychotic Romantic
4. Deathless
5. Bastards Left Behind
6. Arise
7. Turn Back The Time
8. Empty Promises
9. The Artificial
10. Born From Nothing

Band members:
Levi Benton – vocals/lyrics
Justin Aufdemkampe – guitar
BJ Stead – guitar
Ryan Neff – bass/vocals
Jerod Boyd – drums

“Apologies Are For The Weak” 2009
“Monument” 2010
“At Heart” 2012
“Rise Of The Lion” 2014
“Deathless” 2015

Record label: Rise Records, August 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Website

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Deathless’

Video below: ‘I H.E.’

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