‘Michael Sweet’ Says ‘Upcoming Collection Of Re-Recorded Classics Is ‘Heavier’ Than Originals’


Stryper will release a collection of re-recorded versions of the band’s classic songs in March/April 2013 via Frontiers Records. The CD will contain a total of 16 cuts — two from The Yellow And Black Attack, six from Soldiers Under Command, six from To Hell With The Devil, as well as two new tracks, Bleeding From Inside Out and Blackened.

Commented Stryper frontman Michel Sweet: “[The re-recorded songs are] sounding awesome! Better than the originals in many ways!! One word to describe the record? Heavier.”

Track listing:

* Soldiers Under Command
* Makes Me Wanna Sing
* Reach Out
* Loving You
* Loud ‘N’ Clear
* The Rock That Makes Me Roll
* Calling On You
* First Love
* Surrender
* To Hell With The Devil
* Free
* Sing Along Song
* More Than A Man
* The Way
* Bleeding From Inside Out [new]
* Blackened [new]

Stryper‘s Live In Indonesia At Java Rockin’ Land DVD was released in October via MVD Visual. The set was recorded in front of an enthusiastic crowd in 2010.

In a recent interview with Guitar WorldMichael Sweet stated about the band’s plans for the next studio album, “We’re going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a ‘To Hell With The Devil 2’. That’s not to say it will actually sound like that album, but we really want it to be as great as ‘To Hell With The Devil’, which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; ‘Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than ‘To Hell With The Devil’!’ We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Stryper‘s covers album, The Covering, was unlike any previous Stryper recording in that it was a collection of cover songs from bands that inspired them and helped to shape their sound and musical identity, including hits from Judas PriestIron MaidenLed ZeppelinKansas and many others. The Covering also included God, a new original recording from Stryper.

Stryper Tour Dates

February 16, 2013 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Teatro Flores NEW
February 17, 2013 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Carioca Club NEW

March 16 – 20, 2013  – Monsters Of Rock Cruise , FT Lauderdale

Band members:
Michael Sweet- Lead Vocals / Guitar
Robert Sweet- Drums
Oz Fox- Guitar / Vocals
Timothy Gaines- Bass/Vocals

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter 

Video: Stryper – Sing Along Song [Live In Indonesia At Java Rockin’ Land]

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  1. Why does Stryper continue to waste our time? First a covers album: if we wanted to listen to those songs we’d listen to the originals, would rather Stryper give us new songs, but no they’re not concerned with us!! And now ANOTHER compilation!! 7 original albums and 4 compilations!! Plus a DVD that’s a compilation and now a second compilation DVD!! That’s 6 compilations all up!!! (also wondering why In God we trust is ignored live and on rerecorded compilation??!!) Why do you want to make THWD part 2? Considering Murder By Pride was an awesome album, I wish you’d be more concerned about following that one up instead of once again looking to your past to live in the present! Finally, wondering if the name of Jesus will be sung on your new album, or will you not be so loud n clear and continue to hint that maybe these songs are about Jesus, maybe they’re just about being nice people!! Where did the boldness go? God bless

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