Members of Shrug Dealer, False Idle, Ten Foot Pole ,Team Up for Release of “4-Way Acoustic Split Album”


Boise-based musician Sef Idle checked in with the following announcement:

Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole, Sef Idle of False Idle, Rob Lanterman and Russ Worstell of Shrug Dealer are all teaming up and putting out a 4-Way Acoustic Split Album! Yep, you heard me right! This album is going to be 12 songs of pure acoustic awesomeness!

Sef Idle recently says on facebook: I know we announced this a while back and I know I haven’t talked about it much since, but, I wanted everyone to know that it’s still happening, all of the right things are getting done behind the scenes, and before you know it I’ll be annoying all of you with it to the point of unfollowing me! So, get stoked, it’s gonna be awesome!


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