Melodic Groove Thrashers Motivik Debut Their First Single Since “Death of the Gunman”


Roxx Records is excited to be sharing the debut single and lyric video with you from the forthcoming sophomore release from Motivik.

‘This Man I Am’ has just been serviced to radio and we want you to all get out there and represent! Lets get this new single some airplay and share the new music video everywhere!

We need your support as we get ready to bring you the next full length release from Motivik but for now enjoy the brand new single!

Motivik‘s debut album “Death of the Gunman” has been released Dec. 4th. 2020 via Roxx Records.

Our review from “Death of the Gunman” can be found here.

How do you say Motivik? (MOE-TEE-VICK) what does Motivik mean? Motivik is derived from the word Motive. And what is the Motive of Motivik? To rock you hard with a message of hope and encouragement for a lost generation.

Motivik features Ryan Roebuck handling the music and vocals and Courtney Simmons on vocals. That’s right dual vocalists, modeled in a way much like Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter from Tourniquet except they pretty evenly share the vocal duties. If you ask Motivik what there sound is like or what their style is they would say they are ‘Melodic Groove Thrash’. A little more on the thrashy side if you ask us, especially when you listen to the bands cover song from Sacrament ‘Souls in Torment’ featuring a guest appearance from Sacrament’s very own Robert Wolfe. Check out a sample of the track here.

Motivik on Social Media: Facebook / Bandcamp

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