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madmaxinterceptorcoverMad Max is a metal slash hard rock type band from Münster, Germany that has been around for some time. Mad Max debuted in 1982 with their self-titled album and managed to gain a lot of success in Europe and Japan in the mid-80’s before fading away in 1989. Recently they have made inroads back into the rock world, and in 2012 “Another Night Of Passion” placed them back on the map with some celebrated reviews. You need to realise that Micheal Voss is no lazy musician, and is a creative membrane of note known as the leader of many legendary bands such as CASANOVA / DEMON DRIVE or WOLFPAKK. Michael Voss is a hard working individual that has got where he has through perseverance and tireless dedication. He is regarded as one of the hardest working individuals in the Traditional Euro-Metal scene and is out of this world prolific.

In his arsenal of talents Michael Voss is a songwriter, a singer, a producer and known as being the front man of many legendary bands, some of which I named in the previous paragraph. For now and for this review we will know him as the lead singer and lead guitarist for the band MAD MAX.

MAD MAX has a long career behind its persona that spans and impressive 30 years or so on and off, surviving turmoils, splits, stops and goes and seem to come out strong with the release of “Interceptor”.

“Interceptor” carries much of the same character and energy as “Another Night Of Passion”, which in effect encompasses a melodic rock feel with a metal influence. I think this album focuses more on the hard rocking personality of the band and thus my feeling is more lent to the possibility that this leans more towards the Hard rock genre than the metal genre. But don’t surmise for a moment that because I choose to engage it and place it amongst the Hard rock bands that you going to be overrun with ballads and mellow bits. In fact the album gallops strongly from start to finish. The opening track “Save Me” is a good example of the pure energy driven momentum that the band primarily has tapped into for this release. The anthemic sing-a-long melody driven songs, rock with a dynamic edgy feel delivering solid riffage through out.

Much of the album runs on the same approach, with songs like Rock All Your Life” and ”Streets Of Tokyo” leaving you satisfied and energized. Listening to the pace and energy of the album, bands like Dokken come to mind almost instantly, and being a fan of Dokken for years myself, this pleases me.

They finish the album of with a cover tune by THE SWEET with their hit , the 1974’s “Turn It Down”, a great song from the legendary glam rockers from England. They do a commendable effort on it that is every bit worthy of the original.

In wrapping this review up “Interceptor” has a faultless production to it, which can be good or bad thing depending on what one likes to hear or not hear in the production quality. Sometimes when the production is too good it has a pro-tools feel, and can seem robotic and generic, like a lot of the commercial tripe today, but here on this album I think it has enhanced the quality of the artists themselves and given the overall sound a full and energetic feel.

The vocals are strong and are delivered flawlessly and even though there are some generic elements within the mix the focus seems just to have fun and a positive demeanour that makes you want to rock out.

It’s a solid release that has that inherit quality to want to make you want to rock out, and that’s enough to make this a rocking release.

Rating: 7/10

Written by Donovan the Necker

1. Save Me
2. Godzilla
3. Sons Of Anarchy
4. Rock All Your Life
5. Five Minute Warning
6. Bring On The Night
7. Streets Of Tokyo
8. Show No Mercy
9. Revolution
10. Turn It Down

Band Members:
Michael Voss – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Jürgen Breforth – Guitars
Roland Bergmann – Bass/Vocals
Axel Kruse – Drums

Record Label:  SPV / Steamhammer Records, Oct. 2013

“Mad Max” (1982)
“Rollin’ Thunder” (1984)
“Stormchild” (1985)
“Night of Passion” (1987)
“Never Say Never” (1999)
“Night of White Rock” (2006)
“In White” EP (2006)
“White Sands” (2007)
“Here We Are” (2008)
“Welcome America” (2010)
“Another Night of Passion” (2012)
“Interceptor” (2013)

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Video below ‘Godzilla’ teaser

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