Loud Christian Punk Rock Band Dispraised Releases Two-In-One Album Exclusively on 12″ Vinyl, “The Dog Days Of Dissidence”


Loud Christian hardcore punk band Dispraised are back with a double album release on one 12″ Vinyl Records through Coleiosis Records. For this release they have moved to Coleiosis Records. More about this choice they will explain in the statement below….

We’ve fully expected the response and questions we’ve been getting concerning the new LP being released on Coleiosis Records and our relationship with Rottweiler Records. So here’s the juicy drama and ultra hot take on it all.
There is none.

Our contract with Rottweiler is up and we have decided to part ways with the label. There’s no hot takes, no issues, no drama. We signed a contract under the previous owner of the label, back when it was based out of Indiana. We had personal ties to the label owner and he was willing to take the risk of giving us a chance and the opportunity to release two albums in a 3 year time span under the label. In 2021 Moral Rot” was released and we hit the ground running. 2022 came along and we released ”Lines in the Dirt”. Rights to those two albums are still owned by Rottweiler according to our contract until 2026, which means they will continue to promote, sell and distribute those releases for another 4 years and we fully expect them to carry and distribute those projects to all of you up until that time. They are a group of professionals and they’ll handle those albums in that matter.

The guys at Rottweiler gave us permission to release those two albums on our own or through another label on vinyl and because of that fact, in comes our new working partnership with Coleiosis Records.

Coleisos is very small label that’s mainly based on Facebook and Bandcamp. They’ve focused heavily on releasing Black Metal and Death Metal releases from some of the most underrated and under promoted Christian bands both past and present. We have noticed their grind and their dedication to the distribution of the underground, and that’s where we feel most comfortable and utilized. Dispraised has never been in this for the money or the glory. We want to leave a mark in history on the Christian Punk and Underground Christian scenes that people remember and that encourages the next generation to come. Because of this we have agreed to allow Coleiosis to distribute and take 100% of the profits made from our vinyl release of Moral Rot and Lines in the Dirt in order to help them move forward in their growth as an independent label. The Dog Days of Dissidence is a compilation release of our time spent on Rottweiler records and contains both of those eps.

Meanwhile we are an independent band once again and all is well in the world!!
Thanks for the questions and concerns.

  • Tom, Donovan, Justin


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