‘Living Fire’ Announces Free Download of New Album “O Eterno Agora”


Living_Fire_-_Band_Photo_b30Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce the release of “O Eterno Agora”, the free full-length release from Brazil’s street punk preachers Living Fire. Following their English language albums “Jesus Rules” and “Dead To Sin”, Living Fire releases their first album in their native Portuguese. Both soul-uplifting and bone-crushing, Living Fire seeks to transmit God’s word to places where it would not be received through conventional means.

Living Fire features Luis Carlos (Vocals), Raphael Alcantara (Bass), Michel Oliveira (Drums), Murillo Xavier (Guitar), and Wesley Farina (Guitar).“O Eterno Agora” is available for free download from Thumper Punk Records.

O Eterno Agora

Track Listing:
01. Três palavrinhas
02. Não dá pra entender
03. A morte para mim
04. Como posso me alegrar
05. Deus de amor
06. Sua ambição
07. Não temerei
08. Deus está aqui
09. Chuva
10. Indescritível amor
11. Não tira-me do mundo
12. Extrema unção
13. Não tira-me do mundo (versão acústica)


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