Live Footage Available From ‘Metal Festival’ Almelo / Holland 1994 [Video]


Rare footage of Metal Night Festival 1994 at the Poort van Kleef, Almelo, Netherlands, has been uploaded to YouTube. The material is rare, because these bands, for many years ago, decided to part ways, also the location where the festival was held is gone. So this is unique material. Below you can see video’s of Ashen Mortality [UK], Sculpture [NL] and Ancepscura [NL].

Nice to mention is that the Seventh Angel album Heed The Warning – Live [2005] contains a song No Longer a Child  live at Crashing Hell Thrash Festival 1992, that was held at the same location.

Between 1992 and 1997 there was Metal Night, located in Almelo [In the east of the Netherlands]. Metal Night was part of Gospeltheek Cascade [from Youth For Christ]. A place where metalheads could meet each other, while enjoying a healthy dose of metal, a snack and a drink! With DJ’s and a thrashing floor [ where you could headbang / mosh etc. ] Beside the weekly Metal Night‘s, they organized metal concerten/festivals, biblestudy etc.  Bands who have played there were Seventh Angel, No Longer Music, Ashen Mortality, Sculpture, Ancepscura, Rainforest, The Friendlys, The Circumcised, Salutary, Decision D & Skinny


Ashen Mortality were a British doom metal band that was formed in early 1993 by Ian Arkley [Seventh Angel, My Silent Wake, Century Sleeper] and Melanie Bolton. Ashen Mortality released two demo’s [Ashen Mortality ’93 & Separation ’94] and two self released albums Sleepless Remorse and Your Caress. Ashen Mortality  split in the autumn of 2004. Enjoy nearly 45 minutes Ashen Mortality.

Sculpture was an thrash-death metal band from Holland in the ’90ties, they released 2 demo’s Enter the Kingdom [1992],  Death to Death [1993], & a full lenght cd Spiritual Matrix [1998].

Ancepscura was an thrash-core band in the ’90ties from region Twente / Netherlands. Unfortunately they released no demos or other material .

For more information on Metal Night, Almelo visit The History of Metal Night Facebook page.

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