Listen to Zeal’s Classic Song ‘Loner’ feat Guest Vocalist ‘Rey Parra’ (Sacred Warrior/Worldview)


Here is a brand new release of the classic Zeal song ‘Loner.’ This is a brand new recording of the song originally featured on the Big Rage compilation, hot off the press!! This will be featured on the upcoming Roxx Records release from Zeal entitled “The Road” This song features guest appearances by the original Zeal vocalist Rich Wilkins and the #7 all time greatest Christian rock vocalist, Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior/Worldview) as well as Jonathan Johnson on vocals.. Rich sings the 1st verse, Jonathan sings the 2nd verse and choruses and Rey knocks out the end of the song!!

The song can be streamed below.

Zeal had their song ‘Loner’ featured on the very first Pure Metal Records compilation “Big Rage Volume 1”

The Christian metal band Zeal was made up of Rich Wilkins on Lead Vocals; John Johnson on Guitars and Backing Vocals; Phil Bradshaw on Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals; and Rikk Weltmer on Drums and Backing Vocals.

Video for: ‘Loner

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