Listen to The Brand New ‘Immortal Souls’ Track ‘Luminous Crystalline Shine’


It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Finnish wintermetal band Immortal Souls, until this week …. listen to the brand new song ‘Luminous Crystalline Shine’ below. Whether this also means that a new album is coming? .. We keep an eye on it!

Their most recent release “Wintermetal” has been released March 21st, 2015 via Rottweiler Records.

Our review of “Wintermetal” can be found here.

About Wintermetal

Such a cool name, but where did it come from, who came up with it and what does it stand for?

It was back in 2003, when we were working with Fear Dark label and finishing album Ice Upon the Night. All of our songs so far were tied with nature and winter and their beauty. Raffi at Fear Dark had the idea, that this music is actually Wintermetal, not just any death metal. I, as a winterperson, liked the idea immediately, and so it was put to every add of the album.

As I later thought about it, it makes sense in every way. I would describe our music as fast paced and highly melodic; like a winterwind at a beautiful frost morning, heavy and aggressive; as fierce as winter can be. And white purity of winter, that I have always used in the lyrics in allegories and hidden meanings between the lines. This is Wintermetal…

The band consists of: Esa Särkioja – Guitars, Aki Särkioja – Vocals, Bass, Marko Pekkarinen – Guitars, Juha Kronqvist – Drums.

Weblinks: Website / Facebook

Video (audio) for ‘Luminous Crystalline Shine’

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