Listen to Scandroid’s New Song ‘Everwhere You Go’ from The Upcoming Album “The Light”


Known for his futuristic synthscapes and elaborate electronic compositions, Scandroid reveals a different side to his retro roots on the energetic, post-punk style offering, ‘Everywhere You Go.’ Marked by a crisp rock rhythm and a driving bass line, the song is one of the most immediate and no-frills creations in Scandroid’s entire discography. ‘Everywhere You Go‘ is available to stream on all major platforms today, and the song is an instant-grat download for fans who pre-order the artist’s upcoming new album, “The Light.”

‘Everywhere You Go’ follows the synthpop sounds of the recent single ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ and displays Scandroid’s ability to pull from diverse ‘80s genres and blend them into a remarkable form of retro-futuristic music. The full release of “The Light” is scheduled for December 2019 from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.


1.Into The Light 00:40
2.Writing’s On The Wall 04:14
3.Everywhere You Go 02:53
4.Purified 06:53
5.I Remember You 04:20
6.Time Crime 05:14
7.New York City Nights 05:03
8.Writing’s On The Wall (PRIZM Remix) 05:25
9.Everywhere You Go (Fury Weekend Remix) 04:20
10.Purified (Extra Terra Remix) 05:01
11.I Remember You (Lucy In Disguise Remix) 04:12
12.Time Crime (Turboslash Remix) 04:12
13.New York City Nights (Tommy ’86 Remix) 04:42
14.Writing’s On The Wall (Instrumental) 04:14
15.Everywhere You Go (Instrumental) 02:53
16.Purified (Instrumental) 06:53
17.I Remember You (Instrumental) 04:20
18.Time Crime (Instrumental) 05:14
19.New York City Nights (Instrumental) 05:03
20.Writing’s On The Wall (PRIZM Remix) [Instrumental ]05:25
21.Everywhere You Go (Fury Weekend Remix) [Instrumental] 04:20
22.Purified (Extra Terra Remix) [Instrumental 05:01
23.I Remember You (Lucy In Disguise Remix) [Instrumental ]04:12
24.Time Crime (Turboslash Remix) [Instrumental] 04:12
25.New York City Nights (Tommy ’86 Remix) [Instrumental] 04:42

Pre-order The Light today to embark on the second chapter of Scandroid’s epic creative effort, The Darkness and The Light.

Video (audio) For: ‘Everywhere You Go’


Scandroid, the modern Synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Circle of Dust/Celldweller, is Klayton’s love letter to the 80s.

Red has scoured the depths of the ancient wasteland he calls home for something lost and buried, something revolutionary. What he unearthed was the New Retro sound of a forgotten era. He formed Scandroid to bring that sound into his world.

Based in an abandoned warehouse in Old Tokyo, he is surrounded by ancient technology and sound from the era of the 1980’s. Beneath the shadow of the elite and unreachable Neo-Tokyo, he plan’s a revolution…

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