‘Bloodgood’ ‘In the Trenches of Rock & Roll’ – A Documentary Film


A new ‘Bloodgood’ Documentary Kickstarter is now LIVE! Want to help support this killer project? Check out the awesome video trailer at the link below and the amazing rewards in exchange for your pledges. Important note:  Although Bloodgood has given their full blessing to the creation of this documentary, it is being independently funded through Bloodygood Pictures and your pledges. This is not a Bloodgood product.

Bloodgood’ Documentary has now 23 backers! It’s Kickstarter campaign is 26% funded with 22 days left. 

Seattle-based Bloodgood, led by bassist Michael Bloodgood and lead vocalist Les Carlsen, forged on undeterred for decades, continually spreading their positive message through their music, saving thousands of estranged teenagers and adults from their depression and thoughts of suicide – an unheard of juxtaposition to the typical message of rock and roll at the time.

In The Trenches of Rock and Roll explores the depth of their ministry and musicality, the ensuing brotherhood and camaraderie of its band members, and the hardship and perseverance it takes to keep a rock band together for nearly three decades. Trenches includes in-depth interviews with all past and present Bloodgood members, openly sharing their individual testimonies, internal struggles, their triumphs and their tragedies, layered throughout reels of mostly unseen archival footage, much of which were obtained from the personal collections of the band. Trenches is essential viewing for Bloodgood and rock and roll fans alike, as well as anyone who wants an up close look at what makes a historical band legendary.

Basic Topics the Documentary Will Cover:

  • An exclusive look at Bloodgood from the past and present band member’s perspective.
  • Scheduled interviews include: Michael Bloodgood (bass), Les Carlsen (lead vocals), David Zaffiro (guitar), Paul Jackson (guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), J.T. Taylor (drums), Mark Welling (drums), Kevin Whisler (drums), Paul Roraback (drums), David McKay (keyboards), Craig Church (rhythm guitar, live).
  • How Bloodgood survived the bludgeon of ridicule laid upon them from both the mainstream and extreme religious conservatives alike, particularly at their inception.
  • Band member’s recollection of recording individual albums, playing memorable venues (both good and bad), and the U.S./European/Russian tours that surrounded them.
  • Internal struggles among the band and how it influenced Bloodgood’s sometimes fragile future.
  • The temptations of the rock and roll lifestyle and the constant fatigue of life on the road.
  • The ultimate bonds of brotherhood that formed amongst the band members as a result of their faith and perseverance.
  • The impact of Bloodgood’s music upon hundreds of thousands of fans.

Band members:
Michael Bloodgood – Bass / Background vocals
Les Carlsen – Lead Vocals
Oz Fox – Guitar / Background vocals
Paul Jackson – Guitar / Background vocals

Metal Missionaries (1985, cassette demo)
Bloodgood (1986, Frontline Records)
Detonation (1987, Frontline)
Rock In a Hard Place (1988, Frontline)
Out of the Darkness (1989, Intense Records)
Alive In America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live)
Alive in America: Live Volume One (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
Shakin’ the World: Live Volume Two (1990, Intense, live – VHS)
All Stand Together (1991, Broken Records)
The Collection (1991, compilation)
To Germany With Love! (1993, live; later reissued)
Bloodgood Rock Theater (2002, DVD re-issue of Alive in America and Shakin’ the World)
Bloodgood: Live in Norway (2009, DVD of the band’s performance at the SeaSide Festival in Norway, 2009)
Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition (2010, B. Goode Records)

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Video below: Man in the Middle (New Song) – (Live at Legends of Rock 2008)

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