Listen to Robyn Ferguson’s New Solo Single ‘Grey’


Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson checked in with the following:

I am so stoked to share that my new single ‘Grey’ is available today on all platforms

Please go listen and give ‘Grey’ some love for my Birthday. ‘Grey’ is from my upcoming EP ‘Triptych” (releasing 26 Feb) and features collaborations with Adam Brandon Alvarado and Mark Pyjama from Pyjama Planet Studios.

‘Grey’ continues the journey forward through the void from “Harbinger” and represents the struggles of our mind. It is about discovery, becoming … the very thread of life, time and connection. The unknown and coming of clarity and the limbo between …

Watch my socials for more information, as I amiably invite you to journey on with me as we forge the world, the chronicles of our connected lines … past, present and future!

Video (audio) for ‘Grey’


Adorned in Ash (AiA) is a female fronted Extreme Metal band from Pretoria, South Africa. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique musical experience along with a powerful stage show. Influences include thrash, speed and groove metal as well as progressive and technical death & black metal. Winners of the South African Metal Music Award (SAMMA) for Best Death Metal in 2015, AiA combine elements of various musical styles whilst never compromising on the relenting Death Metal style. Adorned in Ash is also a Jackson Guitars Official Artist and uses Jackson guitars and basses exclusively on stage and in studio.

Adorned In Ash‘s sophomore album “Apocalytic Violence” has been released 20 Dec. 2019.

Our review of “Apocalytic Violence” can be found here.

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