Listen to Title Track of New Holy Blood Album ‘”Voice of Blood”


Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood have released a brand new single ‘We Know Who We Are’. The song is taken from their new  album ‘Voices Of Blood’ which is out now on Vision of God Records.

This is back to the more traditional Death/Black Metal style (with still some folk influences) this is going to be the brutalest, most epic release from Holy Blood!

“Voice of Blood” Tracklist:
1. Genesis 4:10
2. Voice of Blood
3. Ukraine
4. We Know Who We Are
5. Beginning of the Revival of The Kievan Rus
6. The Smile of The Cossack
7. YES!, Let It Be
8. Freedom

This year, Holy Blood will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. If you’re an organizer of festival or can organize a tour – contact them. A lot of festivals are held in same days so please don’t hesitate.

The line-up consist of: Sergii Khylko, Fedor Buzilevich, Philipp Kharouk and Deny Bass.

Holy Blood formed in 1999. The band is notable for being one of the few Christian bands in its genre, and the fact that they are the most successful group on its label Bombworks Records, and the band has been noted world wide despite being an underground group. Holy Blood has released six albums: “The Wanderer” (2002) “Waves are Dancing” (2005) “The Patriot”(2008) “Shining Sun” (2010) and “Day of Vengeance” (2014), “Glory to the Heroes” ep (2017).

Holy Blood plays folk metal with death and black metal elements. Their music is characterized by elements based on Ukrainian folk traditions and Celtic music. They incorporate ethnic instruments such as blockflute and bagpipe. The vocals are high-pitched shrieking but also incorporates folk choirs. The band is influenced by groups such as Ensiferum and Finntroll. 

Weblinks: Bandcamp / iTunes / Facebook

Video (audio) for ‘Voices of Blood’

Video for ‘We Know Who We Are’

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