Lights to Lights – “The Book of Psalms: Chapters 1 – 25”


Lights to Lights - SaveWith Jimmy Sisco involved, many may be looking for some raucous punk rock to come out of his Light to Lights project given that he is also in Platoon 1107 and the Absolved, but you’d be in for quite a surprise as this is experimental, ambient guitar music with the Psalms recited over the top.  Twenty-five Psalms covered in 80 minutes tells you this is no high-speed punk rock album.

The idea behind “Light to Lights” has a basis in Jimmy Sisco’s days as a Marine. During boot camp when a drill instructor is with the recruits when the lights are turned on before sunrise until the lights are turned off at night, he is said to be on “lights to lights”.  He is there all day with the recruits, similar to how God is with us every step of our day, “lights to lights” and in God’s case even after the lights are out.

Many bands have used Psalms as the basis for songs but I haven’t heard a project like this.  I’ve heard Bad Brains cover some of Psalms 1-3 in their punk/reggae, Few Left Standing cover Psalm 23 and Zao cover Psalm 77 in metalcore, Six Feet Deep cover Psalm 69 in hardcore, POD with Matisyahu cover Psalm 27 and a number of other bands covering various parts of Psalms in many styles.  This collection is quite different from those as the music is in the background, mostly adding atmosphere and texture to the spoken word of the Psalms.  I think the one thing I miss compared to regular songs is the emotion in the voice as the Psalms are sung.  The spoken word is lacking in emotion by comparison.  On the other hand, this would certainly make for a calmer commuting experience and can certainly find use in times of prayer and simply to be with God and listen.

Rating: 6/10

Wriitten by John Jackson

Psalms 1 -25, with track numbers corresponding to the Psalm of that number.

Band Members:
Jimmy Sisco – all instruments, vocals

Record Label: MMLJ Records, Nov. 2014

Weblink: Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission



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