Life Renewed Releases Their True to Life Single/Video Story


Life Renewed – NC: “Vision:ReVision” is a special project by Rob Volkoff guitarist/songwriter/manager (Aseity). A true story told by the one who lived it, in hopes of maybe helping someone else. “Vision:ReVision” features Robert Short (Service of Shadows) on Harsh Vocals & Jarrett Booker (Eyes of Eli) on Additional Harsh Vocals & Clean Vocals. This is the second single from the coming EP Launching From Ground Zero (date not announced yet) and the follow-up to his first single ‘By Faith’. Living through a suicide attempt and gaining a perspective to see life is worth living brings Rob‘s music together, in hopes that it will help another person identify that jointly with hope, understanding, and help we can make it through.

“This Single/Music Film is based on a real-life experience of a suicide attempt I had. The video is bringing visually My experience with the same person who was there for me at that moment. This song features Robert Short (Service of Shadows) on Harsh Vocals & Jarrett Booker (Eyes of Eli) on Additional Harsh Vocals & Clean Vocals. Robert & Jarrett wrote the lyrics with the mindset of the struggles & hardships I have faced that I wanted to address in this song. This song was written remotely without anyone being in the same room but coming together through online conversations to share this message. With the current state of the world & the experiences, everyone has had to deal with, there are more people struggling with Depression, Suicide, Mental & Physical Health, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, being overworked, among others & this song visually & lyrically highlights those issues with a sense of Hope I believe we all can achieve. Robert Short & Jarrett Booker both captured the emotion, intensity & meaning of the inspiration I gave them from my experiences to deliver a powerful, emotionally evoking song that we all hope has an impact on others, Just as they had an impact on me.” – Rob Volkoff

“Don’t give up yet. Don’t let this life cut your wings off my child! (I created you to fly!) Don’t give up yet! Your vision is blurred, and shall remain that way until I open your eyes!” – Vision:ReVision

“This is a solo project from the Guitarist/Songwriter/Manager of Aseity, Robert Volkoff. Rob has taken his years of experience of songwriting, producing, 12 years of guitar playing, & 10 years in performing with projects such as: I Prayed For An Afterlife, Countermeasures, O, House of Jacob, Patheos & Discerner in addtion to filling in for projects like Eyes of Eli, State of Illusion, Rust of Crowns & Illist. Life Renewed is a passion project that has been an ongoing process of self-recording with his own studio, Renewing Music Studios. This is 2nd single from the upcoming EP Launching From Ground Zero & is the follow-up from the Debut Single ‘By Faith’ released May 15th, 2020. This song is the first music video/short music film for the EP that was Produced & Directed by Jaiden Frost of JFP Studios.”

Recorded Mixed & Mastered by Robert Volkoff (Renewing Music Studios)
Vocals tracked for Jarrett Booker – Self-Recorded
Vocal Editing for Jarrett Booker – Chris Bowman at Glow In The Dark Studios
Additional Production Credits: Jeremy Anderson (Rumble Room Studios, RVNT), CJ Almarode, Chris Bowman, Shawn Delong(Whiteout Sound Studios)
Music Film Directed & Co-Written by Jaiden Frost of JFP studios (
Additional Actor: Josiah Sargent
Extras: Daniel Cece (Apartment Location), Nick West, Jaylene Lugo, Alexandria Taylor, Monica Soe, Rubella Frost


Special thanks to those who may have influenced or worked with – Jaiden Frost, Rubella Frost, Josiah Sargent, Monica Soe, Chris Bowman, Shawn Delong, CJ Almarode, Jaylene Lugo, Alexandria Taylor, Allyson Jayne, Adam Ramey, Bassy B Book, Jeff Menig, Nick West

Trailer for Vision:ReVision by Rob Volkoff of Life Renewed

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