Legendary Vocalists ‘John Schlitt’ & ‘John Elefante’ Join Forces at “Voices of Rock” Tour


voices-of-rock-tourGrammy and Dove Award-winning vocalists John Schlitt and John Elefante have announced a tour in late 2014 that will bring together the two legendary singers for a one-of-a-kind music experience.

The tour, titled “Voices of Rock”, features Schlitt, lead singer of Petra and former lead singer with Head East, and Elefante, who is known for his work with Kansas, as well as Mastedon.

John‘s career and my career cover many facets of music, in both the mainstream and Christian arenas. With the history of Kansas, Mastedon, Petra, Head East and our own solo projects, we can cover many subjects through a Christian perspective,” Schlitt says.

“By diving into these histories–both musically and spiritually–our concerts will not only be enjoyable and entertaining, but a valuable teaching tool as well,” says Schlitt. “It’s always a privilege to share the stage with an A-class artist–and John Elefante certainly is one of them.”

Elefante, along with his brother Dino, has worked with Schlitt for several decades, primarily as producer for a number of Petra albums. The Elefantes have produced or been involved with 11 of Petra‘s 27 album releases, including three Grammy winners and multiple Grammy nominees, two RIAA Certified Gold records, and nine Dove Award-winning projects.The upcoming tour, however, will mark the first time the John Schlitt and John Elefante will share a stage.

John and I have a long and productive history together with Petra, but now we’re teaming up as vocalists on the same stage,” Elefante says. “You’ll hear our own history of rock, with songs from Kansas, Head East, Petra, and our current solo music. It’s a new adventure that I’m really looking forward to.”

For booking information, contact Nova Productions at sue[at]johnwschlitt.com or call 920.980.7671.

John Schlitt: Website / Twitter / Facebook

John Elefante:  Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

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