‘The Beckoning’ Entire Demo “Desolate” Available for Streaming


Desolate demo 2014Progressive Gothic Metal band The Beckoning has put their new 2 track demo online, which can be streamed now.

Our new demo in it’s entirety entitled “Desolate” Track 1 – ‘The Sifting’ – :01 – 9:17 Track 2 – ‘Desolate Sanctuary’ 9:18 – 19:00 We’ll provide details on it’s release later. Thank you for the support! God bless! Mad props to Graham @ Ripshred Recordings for his killer job and excellent service on the mixing/mastering process.

The demo can be streamed here.

‘The Beckoning’ is an Extreme Progressive/Gothic Metal band from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada that fuses the aggression of Extreme Metal with the majestic ambience of Gothic music and the eccentricity and odd song structures of progressive Rock/Metal. Founded by Meghann and Roy Turple and joined together with guitarist/bassist Eldon Loewen, the trio combine their influences together in a songwriting formula that is both unorthodox and organic.

Originally started as a Gothic/Doom Metal band ‘The Beckoning’ has evolved into a more progressive unit,leaving behind the more straight ahead approach that was heard on their earlier releases. Merging influences from 70’s Prog Rock such as Rush,Pink Floyd and early Genesis with a myriad of Extreme Metal bands and Goth Rock/Metal acts such as Saviour Machine and Virgin Black the trio feel like they have found their stride and a sound that most adequately expresses their musical aspirations.

Their first & latest full-length “Demystifying The Oracle”.  If you like bands as Saviour Machine, Amorphis, Far Beyond, Virgin Black, Dark Tranquility, Tristania, Parameacium, Draconian etc. Click here to read our album review.

A 2 track demo ‘War” was released June 2012. Our review can be found here.

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