‘Kneel’ Releases “Tales from the Secret Garden of Cobwebs and Grapevine” EP


kneel_roddyNeil Roddy breathes deeply and exhales four textured masterpieces reflecting his unique wisdom garnered from love, loss, suffering and redemption. The former frontman of punk band Ambassadors of Shalom, Roddy’s musical path has taken a reflective turn following his own life-threatening medical emergencies and the free-fall of a child’s bout with cancer. After the angst and rage grew cold, Roddy soberly sings from new chapters of life awakened by the comforting love and assurance provided by his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Tales from the Secret Garden of Cobwebs and Grapevine” is available now via MMLJ Records and can be purchased online at mmljrecords.bandcamp.com or other online digital music stores.


1. Daddy I was Shouting for You (3:09)
2. Goodness and Love (4:19)
3. Renegade Monk (3:13)
4. Smile (3:47)

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp

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