‘Peter118’ (Ambassadors of Shalom) Release Solo Album “Make It or Break It”


Peter118In Presence Records and Thumper Punk Records are thrilled to announce the joint release of the debut album from Peter118 called “Make It or Break It.”

On his new 7 song release, Peter118 delivers a positive message of Hope over Beatles influenced punk rock. Originally a member in the secular punk band Senseless, Peter 118 found a new song to sing in 2005 when he became a Christian. Dedicating his life to sharing the Gospel through the Punk sub-culture, he founded Ambassadors of Shalom. Now focusing his efforts on his solo project, Peter118 released ‘Radio’, an extremely catchy pop-punk track, which made waves not only in the UK, but also in Japan and the USA. In this exciting new chapter, Peter118 is taking his exciting brand of pop-punk all over the world.

Digital downloads of “Make It or Break It” are available from iTunes and all major digital retailers. CDs can be purchased through the In Presence or Thumper Punk web stores.

Peter118 album cover

1. Don’t Listen to a Word I Say  1:38
2. Radio  1:41
3. Break ’em Out  1:54
4. United We Stand  2:23
5. 21 Again  2:02
6. We Don’t Need It  1:14
7. Perfect King  1:26

Peter 118: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Music video for ‘Radio’

Music video for ‘Break ’em Out’


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