Killswitch Engage – “Disarm The Descent”


killdisarmcdbigSometimes you get an album from a band like this and you think: “what can I say about this band?” Killswitch Engage, who doesn’t know them? It is hard to find another band in the melodic metalcorescene which is better known and on such high level.

To start with a personal note, I am very happy that Jesse Leach is back as the leadvocalist. Not that I disliked the voice of Howard Jones, who did the vocals from 2002-2012,  but I simply prefer the rawness and power of Jesse (1999-2002. 2012-present).

Right from the start of the album it is clear that this is an album of Killswitch Engage, they have their own sound which is simply unique amongst all other metalcore bands. From pure extreme metal to clean singing melodic powermetal and back again mixed with all sorts of tempo changes. To be honest, on the former albums of Killswitch, I was only enthusiast about two or three songs on each album. Not that the other songs weren’t good but it just didn’t do it for me. Now that I write this, I am very aware that this is just my personal opinion and taste.

From the first song ‘The Hell In Me’ it is clear that Jesse is back! A song full of energy, screaming and interspersed with melodic clean vocals. The next song ‘Beyond The Flames’ sounds more like powermetal, exept for the vocals, and not like metalcore. Not that I find that a problem, it sounds good in my opinion. Than the album goes further with a more classic metalcore sound with uptempo beats and interspersed with short breakdowns. The song ‘The Turning Point’ is nicely aggressive and is followed by ‘All That We Have’ which is a very uptempo song, fast and loud! The eleventh song ‘Always’ is more like a ballad which is a nice break from all the rawness, but is probably not to everyone’s taste. The album closes with the song ‘Time Will Not Remain’ which again is nicely uptempo and classic Killswitch material. My overall impression of this record is that it is a bit too polished but the songs are so good that I am not bothered by it. My overall opinion of this record: “I love it!”

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Rene Woning

Track listing:
1. “The Hell in Me” 2:57
2. “Beyond the Flames” 2:53
3. “The New Awakening” 3:30
4. “In Due Time” 3:18
5. “A Tribute to the Fallen” 4:02
6. “Turning Point” 3:12
7. “All We Have” 3:20
8. “You Don’t Bleed for Me” 3:20
9. “The Call” 2:50
10. “No End in Sight” 3:29
11. “Always” 4:33
12. “Time Will Not Remain” 3:13

Band Members:
Adam Dutkiewicz – Guitar
Joel Stroetzel – Guitar
Mike D’Antonio – Bass
Jesse Leach – Vocals
Justin Foley – Drums

Killswitch Engage (2000)
Alive Or Just Breathing (2002)
The End Of Heartache (2004)
As Daylight Dies (2006)
Killswitch Engage (2009)
Disarm The Descent (2013)

Record Label: RoadRunner Records, April 2013

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for “In Due Time”:

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