‘Katumus’ debut album released via ‘Nokternal Hemizphear’


Katumes logoKatamus is a new International black-metal project formed in 2012 by Armath Sargon [Antivenom, Armath Sargon, Elgibbor, Zero+onE …] and Fire [Elgibbor, Fire Throne, Frost like Ashes …]. They have just released their debut album “At The Ruins Of This World”, which is released last month on Nokternal Hemizphear and distributed by Metalhelm.com. Artwork and tracklist can be seen below & check out the title track ‘At The Ruins Of This World’,  the song can be streamed in the youtube clip below.

This is what Nokternal Hemizphear has to say about the album.

“You’ll see the hailstones falling from the sky. Over this darkened Babylon of lies. All the evil hides¦ this is THE END!!!!”

It comes from the northern places… a cold bitter wind that prophecies the destruction to come. When the full strength of the coming storm arrives, death is ushered to all… hope, only kindled in the hearts of the brave that bowed to the Great Northern King before this tribulation… Your side to run to, so what say you? To be “Doomed in Madness” destined for the “Eternal Flame” as your pride incurred? Or surrendering with reverence to the Master of the Universe that ordains and orchestrates all things since the beginning of time? Your choice. Use your free will to make your life. It is no matter, the end still comes¦

Birthed from the hearts of two legendary underground Christian metal warriors, Katumus (meaning “repent” in Finnish) is the catastrophic outpouring of Fire (Elgibbor/Fire Throne/Frost Like Ashes/Knights of the New Temple) and Armath Sargon (Armath Sargon/Through the Thorns/Zero+One/Knights of the New Temple). What happens when you meld the fierce metal missionary souls of such warriors? The end result is musical fire and brimstone back to the legendary likes of Horde’s “Hellig Usvart”… perhaps to be the revitalization of old school Holy Black Metal!?! You have the free will, you decide. The tracks are organic, textured, and a furiously passionate output of Christian raw old school black metal leaving without a doubt the best piece of musical creation that either of these two talented men of God have ever produced!

Sound underground production back to the roots of black metal’s Scandinavian origins, Katumus brings out the guns on “At the Ruins of this World” to the likes that you would swear you just heard Darkthrone, Mayhem, or Burzum pumping from your speakers, yet with a brutally honest and concise biblical message of truth, hope, betrayal, corruption, demonry, unity, addiction, waywardness as a life lived with the satanic mentality of “do what thou wilt”, and finally eternal punishment for all who don’t bow to the Savior Jesus Christ.

Brethren, lift your faces to the heavens and raise the battle cry… “Spirit unites us all. We shall never fall. We will live through our life serving the Living God!”

Crafted and brought to the agonizing touch of all the best old school black metal elements, furious drums cadence the march of divine wrath amidst blistering shredding that haunt your soul to the likes of cold forests laden with the ruins of once mighty civilizations. Fire’s vocals are at their best, preaching up a whirlwind of staunch faith reaching it pinnacle on the track “Eternal Flame” when his throat goes to a point like he has never growled before, sending chills up your spine, a classic moment to be cherished in all metallum.

Those taken by the sounds of Sargeist, Carpathian Forest, Gaoth Anair, Blutklinge, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum, and Ildjarn but dont want to be drug down to the depths in despair, Katumus is a bold slap in the face, a live wire on fire with the Holy Ghost!

“Get out in the name of Jesus Christ! Leave and never come back!”

Lyrics from “As the Doom Comes”, “Spirit Unites”, and “Spirit of Jezebel”

– Nokternal Hemizphear

Katumes cover art

01. As The Doom Comes
02. When the Storm Blasts The Ground
03. At The Ruins Of This World
04. Spirit Of Jezebel
05. Spirit Unites
06. Frozen Heart
07. Eternal Flame
08. Sold Soul
09. Doomed In Madness
10. Filth Of The Rotting Corpse

The album and other Katamus merchandise can be purchased here.

Band members:
Fire: Vocals, Drums
Armath Sargon: Guitars

Weblinks: Facebook

Video below ‘At The Ruins Of This World’

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