‘Join The Dead’ To Release Debut EP Through ‘Roxx Records’, Pre Orders Available


Roxx Records is very proud to announce their latest signing and this time we are thrashing it up with Northern California based thrash band ‘Join the Dead’.  Join The Dead are the start of what is looking to prove that 2012 will see a resurgence of the thrash scene! Taking lessons from Exodus, Forbidden, Violence and early Metallica, Join The Dead wear their heart (or sound) on their sleeve proudly!

Whether you like your thrash a little old school or you love the sounds of some of the newer era of thrash, thrash fans all over the world will be eating up the bands brand new self titled 4 song EP. Join The Dead features Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Fasedown) Paul White (Decadence) and Tim Kronyak (Deliverance) moshing it up on their debut release!

Roxx Records will be unleashing the bands new EP with a twist, the 4 track EP will be available at all of your favorite digital distribution outlets on August 7th, 2012. The EP will feature 4 killer tunes entitled Mask of Fear, Out of Breath, Self Inflicted Pain and Idol Faith.

The EP will also be available in a very Limited Edition CD pressing that will also include 13 bonus tracks, featuring many previously unreleased demos and live recordings. Early recordings from some of the bands where the members of ‘Join The Dead’ got their start, such as Decadence, Testimony, fasedown and Deliverance. These long lost recordings include the likes of some amazing players including…Greg Minier, Tim Kronyak, Michael Phillips, Paul White, Jim Chaffin and Jimmy Brown to name a few. The CD release will include a full color booklet telling the story and history of many of these unreleased gems.

Many of these demos have never been available or heard by the general public.  This musical journey can only be told by reading the story written by Michael Phillips and listening to the music on this Limited Edition CD. The additional bonus tracks and story will ONLY be available for a limited time and only on the CD pressing of the Join The Dead ‘EP’.

So whether you’re in the mood for some brand new thrash and hearing the start of what promises to be a great up and coming shaker on the thrash scene, or you want to hear a little musical history from the artists in ‘Join The Dead’, this release will offer something for everyone!

The digital version of the EP and the Limited Edition CD will be released on August 7th, 2012. Limited Edition packages and pre-orders are up now at www.roxxproductions.com

PS: And a very special ‘PS’ this is! Watch in the next few weeks for the launch of a massive announcement detailing the return of… ‘Deliverance’ with a brand new studio album and shows!

Deliverance 2012 will feature Jimmy Brown, Michael Phillips, Manny Morales and on drums this time around none other then Mortification drummer Jayson Sherlock! Stay Tuned!

Pre-Order the brand new Limited Edition Deluxe Edition CD from Join The Dead or Pre-Order one of the special Limited Edition Deluxe Edition Versions with exclusive T-Shirt!

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Tracklist: (EP) 
1 Mask of Fear
2 Out of Breath
3 Self Inflicted Pain
4 Idol Faith

Bonus Tracks (Demos & Live) 
5 Killing Disorder (Decadence Demo 1989)
6 Disgraced (Decadence Demo 1989)
7 Blinded (Testimony Demo 1991)
8 Strings of the World (Testimony Demo 1991)
9 In the Dark (Testimony Demo 1991)
10 Sea of Glass (Unreleased Demo 1993)
11 Existant (Synaog / Torn Demo 1995)
12 Steps of Mankind (Synagog / Torn Demo 1995)
13 Idol Faith (Synagog / Torn Demo 1995)
14 Hollow (Original fasedown demo 2003)
15 In U (Deliverance recorded live UFTAIII Temecula CA 2011)

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