Punk Rock Band ‘The Prettybads’ Join ‘Thumper Punk Records’ Family; Recording New Full-Length Album


Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the addition of Houston, Texas, based punk band The Prettybads to its evolving line-up. The Prettybads start from a base of Ramones-esque three chord punk, then layer on top their own unique sci-fi, doowop, surf, horror, and bubble gum pop influences. Fans of Blaster The Rocketman will love The Prettybads.

The band is currently preparing to record their full-length debut album for release in the summer of 2018. Their current demo of ‘Maybe I’m Not The One You Wanted’ is available for streaming and free download hosted by IndieVisionMusic, go here:

The Prettybads feature Kayla Prettybad (vocals, guitars), Jordan Prettybad (drums), Ben Bravo (keyboards).

You can learn more information about the band at Facebook

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute punk rock music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.

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