J’accuse – “J’accuse!” EP


J'Accuse EP J’accuse! is a hardcore band from the Netherlands that formed in June 2012 to play lightning fast hardcore with honesty and passion. J’accuse! stated that “We stand for speaking what we think is true, no matter what the consequences are. We spare nothing or nobody, including ourselves.”

Even before their first live show, they were featured on the Winter compilation volume 1 of “God’s Love for hardcore” (December 2013) and the first show ever played was abroad at the German Freakstock festival and was met with positive reviews. They combine aggression and melody, with beats and breakdowns.

The band is composed of: Peter Rebel (vocals), Martin Kuipers (guitar), Thomas Aantjes (guitar & vocals), Carl Stapelbroek (bass) and Michiel Kokee (drums). Some of the band members can also be found playing in Wolfer, Startled and Killing Goliath.

Their new self-titled EP was released in August 2015 and the band takes their inspiration from Youth Of Today, Chain Of Strength, A Step Apart, Have Heart, Comeback Kid and Bane.

They open with ‘Ship On A Raging Sea’ which may fool you into thinking that this is a metal band. After a long excerpt of riffing, the pace and intensity ramps up as they fly off the handle and the screaming escalates. It backs off to a leaden stomp for the latter part as they demand “Take me home”.

‘Remember’ sees them trying out some growls along with the screaming. “Remember those who suffered pain / we never saw and are gone forever / remember those who tried in vain / to get a grip, get it together”.

With the first two songs having much lyrical repetition, they now unfurl their dexterities on ‘Set Sail’. The first half is a mid-paced stomp with some time changes before they pick up speed. There is technical guitar riffing and deep growls too.

‘Dancer! Dancer! Dancer?’ has a full-on intensity that gallops along. “I am going through the motions / but I still don’t know the dance / I somehow got the feeling / there will be no second chance”. They slow it down and speed up for one last burst. “I thank the One who made me / for my second chance / If I only learn to follow / He will teach me how to dance.”

Their new self-titled EP was released in August 2015 and is available as a free download from their bandcamp page. You have the option to support the band by paying for their music (name your price).

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Rating: 7/10

1) Ship On A Raging Sea
2) Remember
3) Set Sail
4) Dancer! Dancer! Dancer?

Band members:
Peter Rebel – Vocals
Martin Kuipers – Guitars
Thomas Aantjes – Guitars & backing vocals
Carl Stapelbroek – Bass
Michiel Kokee – Drums

Record Label: Unite Records, Aug. 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

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