Israel-Based Progressive Metal Band ‘Soul Enema’ to Release New Album on June 23; Featuring Arjen Lucassen, Yossi Sassi and More


Israel-based Progressive Metal band Soul Enema is announcing a release date of the upcoming album titled “Of Clans and Clones and Clowns.” Out on June 23, the album is now available for pre-order from Bandcamp and iTunes.

The promising band’s second album represents an interesting and varied combination of influences, including 14 tracks mixed an mastered by legendary Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, Symphony X).

Soul Enema has issued a statement on the forthcoming album saying:

“Looking back, it took a lot of time and effort to create ‘Of Clans and Clones and Clowns,’ and the final result brings the feeling of a real accomplishment. It was a long, complicated process, constantly laden with a myriad of good reasons to give up or compromise. It probably couldn’t be any different, as our goal was a mature, well-produced statement, consistent in quality throughout, and at the same time versatile enough in its various moods, styles and approaches.

“A creative and diverse Rock/Metal album, exploring vast melodic and rhythmic territories — from ABBA to Zappa, from King Crimson to King Diamond, between East and West and way beyond — in true progressive fashion. Like any reflection of the world we live in, it takes a wild ride over a wide emotional spectrum: sad, funny, perfectly sane, totally insane, very direct, quite obscure, and everything in between.”

“Of Clans and Clones and Clowns” also features guest contributions from Ayreon’s Arjen Lucassen, Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi Band), Sergey Kalugin and Yuri Ruslanov (from leading Russian proggers Orgia Pravednikov).

The band commented: “We had a great honor of featuring the instrumental talents of these, as well as other wonderful musicians. Our next aim was to ensure that all of these components work in the final picture, and that’s the reason why we welcomed one of the best guys on the list to mix and master this work — Jens Bogren. It deserved the best possible treatment, just as you as a listener deserve the best possible quality. The mixing process was far from trivial, and it took some effort to shape everything our way – clear and powerful enough, yet not overproduced. So, if you like what you hear, please order yourself a CD, or the highest quality digital download, to have it the way we really meant it to sound – full-scale and uncompromising. We hope you will have your own exciting experience with the album!”

Soul Enema released a few singles from “Of Clans and Clones and Clowns,” you can check them below.

“Of Clans and Clones and Clowns” is out on June 23th, and it can be pre-ordered from Bandcamp or iTunes. Visit Soul Enema’s official website for more information, and follow them on Facebook.

“Of Clans and Clones and Clowns” Track Listing:

1. Omon Ra
2. Cannibalissimo Ltd.
3. Spymania
4. Breaking the Waves
5. The Age of Cosmic Baboon
6. In Bed With an Enemy (ft. Y. Ruslanov, S. Kalugin)
7. Last Days of Rome
8. Dear Bollock (Was a Sensitive Man)
9. Aral Sea I – Feeding Hand
10. Aral Sea II – Dustbin of History (ft. Yossi Sassi)
11. Aral Sea III – Epilogue (ft. Sergey Kalugin)
12. Octopus Song
13. Eternal Child (ft. Arjen Lucassen)
14. Of Clans and Clones and Clowns

Soul Enema line-up:
Noa Gruman – vocals
Yoel Genin – guitars
Michael Rosenfeld – bass, sitar, violin
Dor Levin – drums
Constantin Glantz – keyboards, programming, songwriting, production

About Soul Enema:

Soul Enema has been active since 2001. The band combines conventional melodic rock aspects with a different, occasionally more experimental way of writing. Their music is influenced by progressive rock and metal, ethnic, psychedelic, jazz-fusion, sympho-rock elements etc., with a somewhat theatrical approach to the lyrics. In the fall of 2009 the work on debut album named “Thin Ice Crawling” was completed. The album was released in April 2010 via MALS/Musea Records, to very positive international reception. It was nominated for the Prog Award in the Best Debut Album category, also peaking at the Prog Archives 20 Best Records of 2010 chart by the end of year. In the following years, while writing new material for the band’s second release, Constantin Glantz gathered a fresh, exciting line-up of musicians, to carry on with new energies and expanded stylistics. The second album, titled “Of Clans and Clones and Clowns” is out on June 23, 2017. Featuring 70+ minutes of music, prime international guests, which include Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One), Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land, Yossi Sassi Band), and mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, etc.), the album is an intriguing step forward in every possible aspect.

Video for “Of Clans and Clones and Clowns” (Album Teaser)

Lyric Video for ‘Cannibalissimo Ltd.’

Video for ‘In Bed With an Enemy’ (ft. Y. Ruslanov, S. Kalugin)

Video for ‘Breaking the Waves’

Video for ‘Aral Sea III – Epilogue’ (ft. Sergey Kalugin)

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